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We asked TEl's Institute Standing Committee chairs what the most pressing issues would be for their committees in 2022. Here's what they had to say.

For the Canadian Commodity Tax Committee, audit activity. While this is always a concern to our members, it is more pronounced this year as tax authorities and members slowly adjust to either working back at the office or managing audits remotely. Further, many administrative concessions granted by tax authorities during the lockdown periods are being removed.

-Don Mills, Chair of TEl's Canadian Commodity Tax Committee

For the Canadian Income Tax Committee, reconvening TEl's inperson advocacy meetings with the government. With draft Canadian income tax legislation pending for limiting the deductibility of interest and mandatory reportable transactions, in addition to new measures to come following the recent federal election, our relationship with the federal government is more important than ever before.

-Patricia Likogiannis, Chair of TEl's Canadian Income Tax Committee

For the Financial Reporting Committee, the tax law changes (if they occur) and labor shortages overall. This disproportionately hits operations teams, as they are more labor intensive.

-Chris Anderson, Chair of TEl's Financial Reporting Committee

For the IRS Administrative Affairs Committee, significant audit/examination procedural developments, such as the recent 94-69 comment project, and substantive areas involving TCJA, transfer pricing, research credit, and CAP taxpayer audits.

-Patrick Evans, TEI Chief Tax Counsel, on behalf of TEl's IRS Administrative Affairs Committee

For the Federal Tax Committee, assuming something passes this year, the focus in 2022 will be on Tax Reform 2.0. Similar to TCJA, there will be lots of opportunities to seek clarifications and

shape the associated notices, regs, etc.

-Julia Lagun, Chair of TEl's Federal Tax Committee

For the US International Tax Committee, implementing the proposed international tax provisions enacted toward the end of 2021 or continuing to monitor, comment on, and plan for the proposals should the legislative process spill over into 2022. I also expect a flurry of regulatory activity in the US international arena toward the end of 2021 or into 2022.

-Kent Cain, Chair of TEl's US International Tax Committee

For the European Indirect Tax Committee, the unprecedented pace at which tax authorities around the world introduce new real-time reporting, e-invoicing...

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