2021 Washington D.c. Delegation

JurisdictionUnited States,Federal
AuthorWritten by Kevan P. McLaughlin
CitationVol. 30 No. 2
Publication year2021

Written by Kevan P. McLaughlin
D.C. Delegation Chair

For over 30 years, the Taxation Section has sent an annual delegation to bring California tax lawyers and their ideas to Washington, D.C. The select group of delegation members get an opportunity to share their ideas and engage in lively discussions with key tax officials and staff members from several government offices, depending on availability and interest, including: the IRS; National Taxpayer Advocate; Treasury Department; House Ways & Means Committee; Joint Committee on Taxation; Senate Finance Committee; United States Tax Court; and the Department of Justice Tax Division. The Delegation serves a variety of functions, the most important of which is to make a substantive contribution to the federal tax laws. The Delegation also familiarizes government officials with the experience and concerns of California tax lawyers.

This year's Washington, D.C. Delegation was not immune from the COVID issues that have impacted many of the Taxation Section's other events. After regrettably cancelling the 2020 Delegation, the Taxation Section decided early to host the 2021 Delegation in a virtual format. Although a virtual format is not the ideal situation to further many of the Delegation's key objectives, it still allowed our members to present their topics in a meaningful manner to hopefully help inform those who formulate the tax laws and regulations.

This year's Delegation was held...

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