2020 Mega-Conference Arrives in Fort Worth Feb. 17-19: Annual tradeshow celebrates 10 years of moving the industry forward.

Author:Yang, Nu

Put on your cowboy boots and get your lassos ready because the Key Executives Mega-Conference is heading to Texas this year. More than 700 news professionals are expected to attend the show scheduled for Feb. 17-19 in Fort Worth.

The show is hosted by America's Newspapers (the newly merged Inland Press Association and Southern Newspaper Publishers Association), Local Media Association (LMA), and News Media Alliance, in association with the Texas Press Association.

"We're bringing to Mega-Conference the latest trends and strategies for newspapers across print, digital and beyond," said Jay Small, LMA's chief innovation officer. "We're paying special attention to the impact of news and journalism on our society, and how newspapers can best communicate and illustrate that impact in their communities."

In addition to the many networking opportunities, attendees have a wide range of sessions to choose from throughout the show.

"It's hard not to be excited about the whole program we're planning," Small said. "We will have some insightful general sessions on subjects such as the impact of news and how women leaders are revolutionizing newspapers. And we'll go fast-paced with revenue ideas and sales transformation strategies. We're also planning to cover the state-of-the-art in digital subscriptions and memberships, branded content, recruiting and retention, new funding models for local media, and much more."

The Solutions Stage will return to the exhibit hall once again. According to America's Newspapers chief executive officer Dean Ridings, more than 30 companies have submitted proposals for presentations.

"Attendees always find a wealth of knowledge in the exhibit hall," he said. "We encourage all newspaper attendees to spend time in the exhibit hall with our exhibitors. They will learn about products and services available to their newspapers that will easily pay for their trip to Fort Worth."

The Mega-Innovation Award ceremony will also make another appearance. Honoring the latest newsroom innovations, three finalists will present their innovations at MegaConference, where the winner will be revealed.

"The Mega-Innovation Award is always a highlight of the conference," Ridings said. "Innovation is critical to any...

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