2019 Legislative Session Primer, 0219 UTBJ, Vol. 32, No. 1. 11

Author:by Doug Foxley, Frank Pignanelli, and Stephen Foxley.
Position:Vol. 32 1 Pg. 11

2019 Legislative Session Primer

Vol. 32 No. 1 Pg. 11

Utah Bar Journal

February, 2019

January, 2019.

by Doug Foxley, Frank Pignanelli, and Stephen Foxley.

Mostly because of retirements, almost a third of the Utah State Legislature will be newcomers. Several of these freshmen are members of the bar, and we look forward to having the benefit of their legal experience. (An accompanying directory lists all of the lawyer legislators serving.)

As with the last several sessions, members will receive regular electronic communications on top bill filings, progress of legislation, and other items of interest. These updates will be informational. The bar adheres to Rule 14-106 of the Supreme Court Rules of Professional Practice, which governs the bar’s authority to engage in legislative activities and the issues on which the bar is permitted to take a position. These updates will give individual members access to contacts where appropriate and resources to assist all sides of an issue in tracking legislation important to their practices.

Making a Difference

The Government Relations Committee is co-chaired by Jaqualin Friend Peterson and Sara Bouley. This committee is an incredible collection of attorneys and meets ahead of and during the general legislative session.

The committee is comprised of representatives from bar sections, the commission, courts, and other appropriate entities. Legislation referred by the lobbyists and the sections are reviewed to determine an active or neutral position. Recommendations are then reviewed by the entire Bar Commission every Tuesday afternoon.

Based upon the approved recommendations, the bar lobbyists then develop and implement a strategy to ensure robust participation in the legislative process. Oftentimes, members of the bar with a particular expertise will be requested to attend a meeting with key legislators to articulate the positions of the Bar Commission.

The Government Relations Committee meets during the legislative session every Tuesday at noon at the Law & Justice Center. Although we are subjective, your lobbyists cannot over emphasize the high quality of analysis and effort undertaken by this Committee to ensure that bar members are...

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