2019 Alaska Native Corporations Directory.


Welcome to the 2019 Alaska Native Corporations Directory. This year we sent surveys to both the regional and village corporations in order to provide an even more comprehensive listing of Alaska's native organizations. We appreciate all of the time and effort put into gathering and reporting this data to us, and we look forward to this list becoming even more robust in years to come. For more directory content and information, please visit akbizmag.com/lists/.

Afognak Native Corporation

Afognak Native Corporation, Alutiiq, and their subsidiaries provide an exceptional track record of services in the government and commercial sectors worldwide, including: leasing; construction; timber; engineering; security; logistics, operations, and maintenance; oilfield; and youth services.

Top Executive: Greg Hambright, President/CEO

Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 4,546/151

Acreage: 248,000

Number of Shareholders: 1,185

Subsidiaries: Shields Point, Alutiiq Advanced Security Solutions, Alutiiq Construction Services, Alutiiq Education & Training, Alutiiq Essential Services

Alutiiq General Contractors, Alutiiq International Solutions, Alutiiq Professional Services, Alutiiq Security & Technology, Alutiiq Commercial Enterprises, Alutiiq 3SG, Alutiiq Technical Services, Alutiiq Pacific, Alutiiq Diversified Services, Alutiiq Management Services, Alutiiq Manufacturing Contractors, Alutiiq-Mele, Alutiiq Professional Training, Alutiiq Global Solutions, Afognak Near Island, Afognak Arctic Development, Afognak C Street, Marka Bay, Alutiiq Business Services, Alutiiq Logistics & Maintenance Services, Alutiiq Solutions, Alcyon, Inc., Alutiiq Information Management, Alutiiq Career Ventures, Afognak Leasing, McCallie Associates, Inc., Oxbow Data Management Systems, Alutiiq Leasing Company, Alutiiq Employee Leasing, Alutiiq Professional Consulting, Alutiiq, Red Peak Technical Services

300 Alimaq Dr. Kodiak, AK 99615




Ahtna, Inc.

Ahtna's principle activities include construction, engineering, environmental, facilities management, surveying, security, military training, janitorial, healthcare and medical records management, government contracting, land management and resource development, and oil and gas pipeline services.

Top Executive: Michelle Anderson, President

Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 1,101/292

Acreage: 1.5 million

Number of Shareholders: 2,065

Subsidiaries: Ahtna Development Corp., Ahtna Facility Services, Inc., Ahtna Support & Training Services, Ahtna Government Services Corp., Ahtna Construction & Primary Products Company, Ahtna Design Build, Inc., Ahtna Professional Services, Inc., Ahtna Environmental, Inc., Ahtna Technologies, Inc., AKHI, Ahtna Global, Ahtna Logistics, Tolsona Oil & Gas Exploration, Ahtna Engineering Services, AAA Valley Gravel, Ahtna Netiye', Ahtna Infrastructure b Technologies, Ahtna Integrated Services, Ahtna Marine & Construction Company, Ahtna Solution

PO Box 649, Glennallen, AK 99588







Akhiok-Kaguyak, Inc.

Akhiok-Kaguyak, Inc. (AKI) is an Alaska Native Village Corporation specializing in commercial real estate, private equity, government products and services, tourism, and lands management.

Top Executive: Michael Bradshaw, President/CEO

Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 11/3

Acreage: 77,000

Number of Shareholders: 278

1400 W. Benson Blvd. #425, Anchorage, AK 99503





Aleut Corporation

Federal contracting; O&M; instrumentation for oil and gas industry; mechanical contracting; radiological laboratory analysis, field testing, land remediation; commercial and residential real estate; fuel sales and storage; oil well testing services; information technology; and construction services.

Top Executive: Thomas Mack, President/CEO

Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 902/115

Subsurface/Surface Acreage: 1.577 million /77.000

Number of Shareholders: 3,911

Subsidiaries: Aleut Enterprises, Aleut Management Services, Aleut Real Estate, Alaska Instrument, C&H Testing, Patrick Mechanical, ARS International

4000 Old Seward Hwy., Ste 300 Anchorage, AK 99503




Arctic Slope Regional Corporation

In 2018, ASRC subsidiaries acquired four new companies: F.D. Thomas, Inc.; Brad Cole Construction; Mavo Systems; and Hudspeth & Associates, Inc. Since the start of 2019, ASRC subsidiaries acquired National Environmental Group; Niles Construction Services; and K2 Industrial Services.

Top Executive: Rex A, Rock Sr., President/CEO

Worldwide/Alaska Employees: 15,000/3,400

Acreage: ~5 million

Number of Shareholders: 12,900

Subsidiaries: ASRC Construction Holding Company, Petro Star, Eskimos, Inc., Tundra Tours, Inc., Alaska Growth Capital BIDCO, Little Red Services, Inc., ASRC Industrial Services, ASRC Energy Services, Petro Star Inc., ASRC...

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