2018 Luxe Gift Guide Holiday presents for the person who thinks they have everything.


Byline: Bari Faye Siegel

Whether you want to whisk off for the weekend, enjoy a quiet, romantic gourmet meal at home or brew your own batch of Gold Bar Blonde, our second annual guide to luxury holiday presents has something to satisfy everyone on your shopping list.If you think money can't buy happiness, it's possible you don't have enough to make a fair assessment.

According to a recent Gallup World Poll of more than 1.7 million people in 164 countries, there's a certain level where financial stability equals "life satisfaction." Apparently a W-2 of around $95,000 per year does the trick for most individuals, researchers say. Seems astonishingly low, doesn't it?

You probably call New Jersey home. Here in the Garden State, while the research claims you may feel emotionally rich at that salary, you'll likely be house-, car-, retirement savings-, vacation- and stuff-poor.

And that's no fun at all especially at holiday time! We all need stuff! Let's face it, while all the peace of mind in the world can't buy you things or adventurous experiences, money can. And, if you've got it to spend, there's no shortage of options.

Get ready to impress with something from this collection of gifts that no one really needs, but many on your list can't possibly live without.Ever thought to yourself, "Hey, we should whisk off for the weekend?" Wheels Up has got you covered and is always ready to go. Think Netflix meets the airport.

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