2017 Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference in review.

Position:MEMBERS - Conference notes

The 2017 Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference took place on March 27-29 in the Aria Resort, Las Vegas. Conference attendees gained valuable insights and novel ways of thinking, along with new connections and experiences. See below for some education highlights from the event.

The annual conference offered Pre-Conference programs in which participants could dive deeper into complex topics. One such program, the CMO Summit, outlined the process of client journey mapping--a process utilized to evaluate the client experience. Those who attended the CMO Summit had the opportunity to work with a group of in-house counsel to evaluate and map their experiences on real legal matters that required the assistance of an outside law firm. The brainstorming and solutions session was both challenging and enlightening.

Morgan MacLeod of Cubicle Fugitive talks about brand strategy during her session, "The B Word: Living the Brand." MacLeod emphasized the importance of brand strategy to a customizable and complex service like law, where interactions with each client are different. When creating a new brand strategy, she advised, firms should make sure it's an accurate reflection of what people think and know about them. The best way to do this is to undergo a "truth discovery mission," she said: Talk to people internally and externally, as much as you can, to pinpoint a key focus that's true to who the firm is.

Nicole Abboud of Abboud Media, Iris Jones and Danyel Patrick of McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC...

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