2016--primed for growth.

Author:Molde, Jade

The 2016 New Business Year has arrived--almost. This will come as a relief to some, as the 2015 Business Year brought challenges for dealers in the form of empty parking lots and dwindling sales numbers in the early part of the year. However, there are several promising signs that the "normalized" market is primed for growth.

After a slow start to 2015, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Remington and Winchester Ammunition have reported an increase over quarters in 2014. In another encouraging sign, every month since May has seen firearm background checks post increases over the corresponding months in 2014. The months of June (886,825), July (946,528), September (1,071,945) and October (1,211,478) set records for the 17-year-old NICS system. With an election year looming, some dealers are hopeful these signs will lead to increased sales.

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At Shooting Industry our aim is to help drive business. In an effort to ensure you have a successful start to the New Year, this issue of Shooting Industry is the first of two 2016 New Business Year Editions. In this issue, you'll find several business-building features, including a 2016 SHOT Show preview (pg. 42), the 2016 New Product Showcase (pg. 52) and the Universe's Greatest Buyer's Guide (pg. 76), which has the Industry Directory, Products & Services reference list and Distributors' Guide.

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