2015 Key Club Awards.

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Established in 1987, the Key Club recognizes longstanding members with fifty, forty and twenty-five years of service and invaluable contributions to FEI. Each member listed below is now a part of a distinguished group that inspires all FEI members. Congratulations to this year's newest members of FEI's esteemed Key Club.

Thank you for your time, contributions and support of FEI. Its members like you that have shaped us into the association of choice for senior-level financial executives.


Bill Anneken * Cincinnati

Burton Graubart

James Haight * Washington State

Robert Hallowed

L.E. Hammar

R. Wendell Johnson * Northeast Ohio

Melvin Kopp * New Jersey

Robert Lyman-New Jersey

Roy Matthews

Ralph Nagan

Marvin Neumann*Colorado

Donald Seese * San Francisco Bay Area

Don Swanson * Arizona

Bill Thomas

Ralph Veals * Portland


Frank Alexander * San Diego

Daniel Anderson * Boston

Gerald Anderson * Boston

Gilbert Bezar * Orange County

Carl Brauweiler * Chicago

Richard Brigden * Boston

Don Brown * Fort Wayne

Frank Cancro * Detroit

Jack Carr* St. Louis

Joseph Churchman

Robert Cobuzzi * Boston

Terence Cooke* New York City

William Cooley-Chicago

Jeremiah Cronin * New Jersey

Peter Cumpston * Hawaii

Jerry de St. Paer * New York City

Dick Deichmann * Tampa Bay

Robert Doettling

Fred Fangmann * St. Louis

David Fields * Dallas

Charles Fitzpatrick * Boston

Edwin Fowler * St. Louis

John Framel * Pittsburgh

John Grace

Alan Hacker * San Diego

Arthur Harrigan * Central Florida

James Hayden * Milwaukee

Paul Heintz * Dayton

Alan Howley * Detroit

Preston Insley * Birmingham

George Johannes* Nevada

Alexander Kennedy * Springfield

Thomas Kinstle * District of Columbia

Donald Knodell

George Krause

George Langston

David Lattanzio * Arizona

Leon Level

Bill Liverman

Arthur Loewy

Donald Lohr * Michiana

T. Neil Longfellow * Portland

Lawrence Lopina * Milwaukee

Robert Mannion * New York City

William March * Orange County

Edgar Maugans * Northeast Ohio

Robert May * Boston

Robert McAulliffe * Charlotte

John Mesloh

Frank Minter * Birmingham

Norman Moreau * Springfield

William Nichols

David Nickerson * Boston

Robert Orben * Indianapolis

Frank Pink-Tampa Bay

George Porter* Portland

Arthur Pruneau* Arizona

T. Ratcliffe

Gary Richard * Atlanta

William Seiden * Chicago

Charles Sellman * Boston

Gary Skoglund * Central Florida

Willis Smith-Tampa Bay

Bruce Struckman * Chicago

Thomas Thorn

Charles Toder * New York City

James Van Tatenhove * Nevada


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