2015 Alaska native regional corporation directory.


2015 ALASKA NATIVE REGIONAL CORPORATION DIRECTORY Ahtna, Inc. Michelle Anderson, President PO Box 649 Glennallen, AK99588 Phone: 907-822-3476 Fax: 907-822-3495 newspahtna.net ahtna-inc.com Alaska Employees: 285 Worldwide Employees: 1,209 Shareholders: 1,903 Acres: 1.55 million acres 2014 Gross Revenue: $185,000,000 2013 Gross Revenue: $200,000,000 Services: Construction and Environmental, Facilities Management, Engineering, Government Contracting, Profession Support Services and Real Estate, Oil and Gas. Current Significant Endeavors: Established Ahtna Peoples' Settlement Trust, Proposed Wildlife Co-Management Plan, 10-year high Shareholder Equity. SUBSIDIARIES Ahtna Netiye' Ahtna Development Corp. Ahtna Facility Services, Inc. Ahtna Enterprises Corp. Ahtna Contractors LLC Koht'aene Enterprises Co. LLC Ahtna Support & Training Services LLC Ahtna Technical Services, Inc. Ahtna Government Services Corp. Ahtna Construction & Primary Product Ahtna Design Build, Inc. Ahtna Professional Services, Inc. Ahtna Environmental, Inc. Ahtna Technologies, Inc. AKHI/ LLC Aleut Corporation Matt Fagnani, CEO 4000 Old Seward Hwy, Suite 300, Anchorage, AK 99503 Phone 907-561-4300 | fax 907-563-4328 info@aleutcorp.com | aleutcorp.com Alaska Employees: 190 Worldwide Employee 760 Shareholders: 3,838 Acres: 1.577 million acres* 2014 Gross Revenue: $120,307,293 2013 Gross Revenue: $116,260,627 Revenue Sources: Operations and Maintenance Contracts; $95,960,892; Fuel Sales, $10,803,834; Rental Properties, $3,149,322; Natural Resource, $5,172,295; Investment income, $1,029,832; Earnings, 2,415,634, Other, $1,775,484. Services: Federal contracting; O&M; instrumentation for oil and gas industry; mechanical contracting; laboratory analyses, field testing, land remediation; commercial and residential real estate; fuel sales and storage; oil well testing services; and information technology. Current Significant Endeavors: Port of Adak development. SUBSIDIARIES Aleut Enterprises LLC, Anchorage, Alaska Aleut Management Services, Colorado Springs, Colorado Aleut Real Estate LLC, Anchorage, Alaska Alaska Instrument LLC, Anchorage, Alaska C&H Testing LLC Bakersfield, California Patrick Mechanical ARS International * .5 Million subsurface acres & 77,000 surface acres Arctic Slope Regional Corporation Rex A. Rock Sr., President/CEO PO Box 129 Barrow, AK 99723 Phone: 907-852-8633 | Fax: 907-852-5733 twitter.com/ASRC_AK | asrc.com Alaska Employees: 4,988 Worldwide Employees: 11,115 Shareholders: 12,000 Acres: Approximately 5 million 2014 Gross Revenue: $2,663,540,000 2013 Gross Revenue: $2,525,615,000 Revenue Sources: Petroleum Refining and Marketing 36%; Government Services 30%; Energy Support Services 23%; Industrial Services 5%; Construction 5%; Other 1% Services: ASRC is the largest Alaskan-owned and operated company, employing approximately 10,000 people worldwide. The company has six major business segments: petroleum refining and marketing, energy support services, industrial services, construction, government services and resource development. Current Significant Endeavors: ASRC's partnership with six North Slope village corporations to create Arctic Ihupiat Offshore, LLC (AIO) will create long-term benefits for its shareholders. AIO's agreement with Shell in 2014 is a first of its kind and allows the Corporation a seat at the table as development decisions are made. SUBSIDIARIES ASRC Energy Services, Inc. ASRC Federal Holding Company, LLC ASRC Construction Holding Company Eskimos, Inc. Tundra Tours, Inc Petro Star, Inc. Alaska Growth Capital Little Red Services Inc. Petrochem Inc. Arctic Pipe Inspection, Inc. Bering Straits Native Corporation Gail R. Schubert, President/CEO 4600 DeBarr Rd., Suite 200 Anchorage, AK 99508 Phone: 907-563-3788 Fax: 907-563-2742 media@beringstraits.com beringstraits.com Alaska Employees: 407 Worldwide Employees: 1,204 Shareholders: 7,200 Acres: 2,225,000 2014 Gross Revenue: $304,000,000 2013 Gross Revenue: $242,000,000 Revenue Sources: General Construction; Investment Technology/Communications; Property Management and Leasing; Facilities Maintenance; Administrative Support; Supply and Logistics Support; Textile Fabrication, Security, Base...

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