2014 Fall, Pg. i. Fall 2014 - Table of Contents


New Hampshire Bar Journal


Fall 2014, Pg. i. Fall 2014 - Table of Contents

New Hampshire Bar Journal

Volume 55, No. 1

Fall 2014

Table of Contents

2014 Fall Pg. 4


2014 Fall Pg. 5

Making a Place for Art:

By Melissa Anne Miller

2014 Fall Pg. 6

Fashion Design & IP

By Leigh Willey

2014 Fall Pg. 13

Artist in the Law:

By Haden Gerrish

2014 Fall Pg. 14

Protection for New Hampshire's Art Market: Revision of RSA 352 to Reflect Market Reality

By Amanda Nelson and Peter McGovern

2014 Fall Pg. 20

Employing Creativity: Art, Law, and the Employment Relationship

By Tawny L. Alvarez

2014 Fall Pg. 25

Artist in the Law:

By Lynne Sabean

2014 Fall Pg. 26

Copyright Protection: from Monkey Selfies to Cezanne

By Kimberly Peaslee

2014 Fall Pg. 30

Matter of Skirball Cultural Center: USCIS Dabbles in the Arts

By Lorne M. Fienberg

2014 Fall Pg. 37

Artist in the...

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