2014 Directory of higher education consultants.


Academic Planning

The Education Alliance

24 Prime Parkway, Suite 105

Natick, MA 01760

(508) 655-7111



The Education Alliance helps clients meet tomorrow's opportunities and challenges by providing a full and diverse range of professional advisory and consulting services; best practices; performance benchmarking; and, importantly, practical yet creative solutions and higher education market research intelligence. Our network of partners, associates and professional colleagues offer a broad range of academic planning services to clients across the U.S. and around the world.


* Academic Program Development

* Academic Program Review and Outcomes Assessment

* Academic Licensure and Accreditation, Multistate Licensing

* Academic and Campus Master-planning and Capital Financing

* Strategic Partnerships and Planning

* System-wide and Multi-campus Reorganization

* Restructuring and Organizational Development

* Higher Education Market and Research Data Provider

* Distance Learning

* International Higher Education Planning and Programming

* Media Public Relations and Publication

Administrative Software

Education Strategies LLC

(513) 236-3277


Reduce Administrative Cost by 20% Operational Efficiency Audits

* You have spent thousands on technology.

* Are your operations as efficient as they could be?

* We can quickly show you how to improve efficiency.

ERP & Imaging Selection Services We:

* Reduce your risk

* Save you time

* Write the REP

* Negotiate a much better price

* Services that pay for themselves.

Admissions and Retention Services

Capture Higher Ed

315 Guthrie Street, Suite 400

Louisville, KY 40202

(502) 585-9033



Capture Higher Ed delivers viable, acceptable applicants to our partner institutions by combining the principles of big data and best practices in enrollment management better than anyone else in the industry. We engage with innovative leaders in Admissions to design custom searches distinctive to your institution, and we partner those mission-fit prospects with a dynamic high-frequency communications campaign to encourage application completion. Capture's unique communication process and data-driven tracking techniques monitor the behaviors of our partners' prospective students throughout every step of the recruitment cycle.

With this influential discovery-information, we provide real-time adjustments to search strategies and marketing platforms, delivering the right message at the right time.

The Dysart Group

John W. Dysart, President

112 S. Tryon Street, #760

Charlotte, NC 28284

(704) 335-1199



The Dysart Group is a higher education consulting firm specializing in recruitment, retention and financial aid at colleges and universities. Our emphasis is on revenue-sensitive enrollment management, and we provide expert counsel regarding admissions, financial aid, finance, pricing, retention and marketing. We work collaboratively with college and university representatives to achieve extraordinary results. Clients include Ferrum College, University of Baltimore, Jefferson College of Health Sciences, Bethany College, Wesley College, Roosevelt University.

The Lawlor Group Inc.

6400 Flying Cloud Drive #170

Eden Prairie, MN 55344

(800) 972-4345



The Lawlor Group (TLG) is one of the nation's preeminent higher education marketing firms, focusing on the art and science of marketing. TLG's business consulting practice is concentrated on three core areas of expertise: market research, strategic brand management/organizational improvement, and integrated marketing communications via multiple platforms of brand expression (advertising, print, web, digital/ social media). Providing solutions in the area of enrollment management (college admissions, student recruitment and retention) represents our most frequent professional engagement. The Lawlor Group also publishes The Lawlor Review, a critically acclaimed education marketing journal; Lawlor Perspective, a series of white papers for senior management and trustees; "Lawlor Focus," a monthly e-newsletter that explores topics relevant to senior leadership in higher education; and The Smarketplace, an online destination for market intelligence and intelligent solutions. In addition, The Lawlor Group hosts a number of professional development experiences through its Lunch with Lawlor series, Lawlor Forums, Lawlor Symposiums and the highly acclaimed Summer Seminar.

Scannell & Kurz

71-B Monroe Avenue

Pittsford, NY 14534

(585) 381-1120



Online Reporting Environment (SKORE) and our Financial Aid Strategy Tool (FAST) Outcomes facilitate improved net tuition revenue, more effective management of institutional resources and the achievement of specific class profile targets.

Adult Learning

Stamats Inc.

615 Fifth Street SE, P.O. Box 1888

Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-1888

(800) 553-8878


Integration is more than a buzzword to us. We live it. We breathe it. It inspires and guides everything we do. Some companies offer only research; others offer only creative. But why would anyone want a company that uses only half its brain? At Stamats, we thoughtfully marry the two and offer our clients a comprehensive array of innovative products and services across North America, India and elsewhere in Asia. Our industry-leading research and insightful strategic counsel lay the foundation for compelling creative and digital solutions.

The result is a left-brain/right-brain approach to problem solving that sets the standard for holistic higher education marketing. We continually look inside and outside higher education for concepts and ideas we believe our clients would value, and we enjoy providing fresh, creative thinking on critical issues and sharing those insights with others in the profession. For example, we were the first to explore how integrated marketing communications could be adapted to higher education.



732 Milford Road

Merrimack, NH 03054

(800) 800-0019



GovConnection is dedicated to fulfilling the unique, specialized IT needs of academic institutions throughout the United States. We help academic and government IT and purchasing professionals make informed decisions and reduce procurement costs. With more than 300,000 products, a nationwide network of service partners and teams of certified technical experts, we'll design, build and support your end-to-end IT systems--all at once, or in project stages. Well help you get it done right the first time. GovConnection is on your top contracts and can integrate with your internal e-procurement systems to help improve efficency and save on transaction costs.

Call Center Outsourcing

Edfinancial Services

298 North Seven Oaks Drive

Knoxville, TN 37922

(855) 493-1785



With over 20 years of higher education expertise specializing in federal financial aid, Edfinancial Services offers products and services that allow colleges and universities to increase operational efficiencies, enhance customer service to students and support regulatory compliance.

Our suite of products includes:

* Inbound & Outbound Call Center Solutions

* Financial Aid Outsourcing & Compliance

* Default Management Services and Software

Our solutions are data-driven and focused on results. Visit our website at www.edfinancial.com/HES and look at recent customer case studies to learn how our experience, talent and technology can promote student success at your institution.

Campus Planning


999 S. Shady Grove Road, Suite 600

Memphis, TN 38120

(901) 259-2500



Since 1964, EdR has been the perennial leader in collegiate housing. With the experience of 50 years and the energy of a startup, today's EdR offers unique solutions for every development, financing, construction and management need a university or college might have.

With shrinking budgets, universities must educate and house a growing population with less funding.

The experienced EdR team first listens to the customer--whether it's university leaders, faculty or prospective residents--then works to find the right financing tool, design or management program to create a successful community for all.

If needed, our construction management team, with a successful on-time and on-budget record, can complete the plans.

EdR (NYSE:EDR) is one of America's largest owners, developers and managers of collegiate housing.

Paulien & Associates Inc.

899 Logan Street, Suite 508

Denver, CO 80203-3156

(303) 832-3272



Paulien & Associates, a leading specialist in academic facilities planning, provides personalized consultations to help our higher education clients establish an optimum allocation and distribution of space. Our approach is a dynamic process that provides campus leaders with information that is critical to master planning, program planning and strategic planning, creating functional academic environments that meet institutional objectives. We offer educational adequacy studies, a planning service that evaluates and ranks the appropriateness of existing facilities for educational goals. Ranging from forecasts identifying short- and long-range space needs to utilization studies examining the efficiency of classroom and teaching laboratory scheduling practices, our services focus on providing accurate and timely information for institutional planning cycles, giving decision makers a solid base for the effective management of physical space requirements.

Our services Include space needs studies, environmental scanning, facilities inventory management, project management, enrollment forecasting, peer benchmarking surveys and space reallocation/migration studies.


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