2014-15 network-commissioned pilots.




An American Education

Based on the BBC series Bad Education, about an unorthodox San Diego public school teacher


An upper middle class black man tries to raise his kids with some cultural identity


Semi-autographical series about a Latina woman in her sixth year of law school who is straddling two different cultures

Damaged Goods

A look at sexual politics in the post-feminist era Far East Orlando

Based on chef Eddie Huang's memoir about a Chinese family that moves to suburban Orlando


A musical comedy about a handsome prince galavant and his quest for revenge


About a somewhat eccentric, self-absorbed couple, and their trials and tribulations

Keep it Together

Based on Kevin Hart's life post-divorce, the show asks the question: "Can a man and woman ever be friends?"

My Thoughts Exactly

Exposes the internal monologues of a young couple in a new relationship

Saint Francis

A blue collar, no-nonsense cop butts heads with the liberal world when his sister gets pregnant out of wedlock


A self-obsessed 20-something garners unwanted social media attention

Strange Calls

Based on an Australian series about a goodhearted, bumbling Boston cop who is exiled to night duty on Nantucket Island

Untitled Brian Gallivan Project

An overworked father moves his family from the city to New Hampshire, where they open a group of tourist cottages

The Winklers

An emotionally reserved construction worker unexpectedly moves in with his in-laws



A former convict becomes a big-city criminologist

American Crime

A racially charged murder and its subsequent trial are examined through the lives of the victims, the accused and their families The Astronaut Wives Club * (midseason)

A 10-episode series about the women who support their husbands during the 1960s space race


When she stops running from her past, a troubled 28-year-old psychic sees her life change in unexpected ways

The Club *

An Upstairs, Downstairs-style soap set at a private country club

Dangerous Liaisons

Revolves around the love and rivalry between two powerful socialites with an obsessive attraction


Based on a Scandinavian format, it follows an investigative journalist who will stop at nothing to uncover the truth


Centers on New York City1 s immortal star medical examiner

How To Get Away With Murder

A legal thriller about ambitious law students and their mysterious criminal defense professor who are entangled in a murder plot

Sea of Fire

Based on a Dutch TV series, set in a small town torn apart when three teenage girls are in a pornographic film

Secrets & Lies *

A family man finds the body of a young boy and quickly becomes the prime murder suspect


The best and brightest active duty military doctors and nurses practice trailblazing medicine on wounded warriors

The Whispers

Based on Ray Bradbury's short story "Zero Hour," following a race against the clock to defeat an unseen alien enemy




A successful and suave ladies man sees his life turned upside down when his mess of a cousin comes to stay


Jim Gaffigan stars as a NYC father of five, as he is in real life

Good Session

A happy couple decides to see a therapist to help them decide if they should have a baby

How I Met Your Dad

A spin-off of How I Met Your Mother about a new group of friends who hang out at MacLaren's

The McCarthys

Centers on a large...

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