2013: a year of continued growth.

AuthorRoach, Betsi
PositionFrom the Desk of the Executive Director

In my last letter, I issued a challenge for all LMA members to think proactively about their plans for 2013. It seems only fair that LMA should do the same--and I'm pleased to report that we have been actively engaged in goal setting and strategic planning for next year. However, before moving forward, it's worth reflecting on the accomplishments we've achieved in 2012. It's been a productive year for LMA, with a number of exciting developments that set the stage for the coming year.

First, I hope you've all had the opportunity to explore the new LMA website, which launched in early October. The new www.legalmarketing.org offers greatly improved functionality--from the seamless integration of LMA Connect, to the enhanced discussion forums and updated member directory that allow you to find your colleagues more easily than ever before. In addition, this year, LMA launched a monthly Intelligence Brief, highlighting targeted industry news, best-in-class research and benchmarking studies. This specialized news service, tailored to the legal marketing community, helps further establish LMA as The Authority for Legal Marketing.

In my past columns, I've discussed the significant quantitative market research project that LMA completed with the help of BTI Consulting. I cannot overstate the importance of this project to our planning process and future activities. The data, gathered throughout 2012, provide insights on the top needs and priorities of our members, help us gauge stakeholder perceptions of LMA and have enabled us to create a roadmap to enhance LMA's position as a respected thought leader. If you would like a copy, please do not hesitate to contact me.

These achievements--along with numerous others--provide the necessary foundation for our overarching goal in 2013: for LMA to be the leading provider of legal marketing learning and networking opportunities. We've developed a framework for how to achieve this goal, beginning with a qualitative research project that builds on the work we did with BTI this year. Throughout the course of 2013, LMA is planning targeted focus groups that will provide us with more detailed information about both members and non-members. This information will allow us to develop a profile of our primary and market segment so that we can...

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