2012 Mega Directory: NDIA corporate index of capabilities.

Position:P 208-246 - Directory

Munro and Associates Inc.

1749 Northwood Drive

Troy, MI 48084

(248) 362-5110 (phone)

Home Page: www.munroassoc.com

Dale Hagland

Consulting Services; Cost Accounting; Design/Engineering Services; Metal Work; Software

Small Business

Murtech Inc.

820 Cromwell Park Drive

Suite J

Glen Burnie, MD 21061

(410) 766-5335 (phone)

Home Page: www.murtech.us

Tom Mann

Vice President, Administration

Anti-Terrorism; Biological Defense; Chemical Defense; Contract Management; Design/Engineering Services; Force Protection; Homeland Defense; Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals; Logistics Support/Management; Prototyping; Security Devices/Services; Shipping/Handling/Containers; Simulation and Modeling: Systems Engineering; Test and Evaluation


Mustang Survival Inc.

1215 Old Fairhaven Parkway

Suite C

Bellingham, WA 98225

(360) 676-1782 (phone)

Home Page: www.mustangsurvival.com

Stephen M. Seybold

Military Business Development

Brian Henley

Business Development

Aircraft (fighters, bombers, transports, tankers, trainers); Armor; Design/Engineering Services; Force Protection; Foreign Military Sales; Homeland Defense; Manufacturing Technology; Military Clothing; Protective Equipment (helmets, body armor); Survival Equipment

Small Business

Mutualink Inc.

1269 S. Broad St.

Wallingford, CT 06492

(866) 957-5465 (phone)

Home Page: www.mutualink.net

Dawn S. Odams

Sales Operations Manager

Telecommunication Services

The Myles Group

310 Executive Drive

Troy, MI 48083

(248) 583-1020 (phone)

Home Page: www.mylesgroupcornpanies.com

J. Edgar Myles

Chief Executive Officer

Automatic Test Equipment; High-Speed Assembly Automation; Laboratories; Machine Tools; Manufacturing Technology; Material Handling Equipment; Prototyping; Robotics; Shipbuilding; Shipping / Handling / Containers; Simulation and Modeling, Systems Engineering; Test and Evaluation; Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Small Business

Mystery Ranch Ltd.

1750 Evergreen Drive

Bozeman, MT 59715

(406) 585-1428 (phone)

Home Page: www.mysteryranch.com

Dana Gleason


Renee E. Sippel-Baker

Chief Operation Officer

Field Equipment (tents, backpacks)

Small Business.

NABCO Inc. 1001

Corporate Drive

Suite 205

Canonsburg, PA 15317

(724) 746-9617 (phone)

Home Page: www.nabcoinc.com

Frank Tobin

Executive Vice President, Business Development

Anti-Terrorism; CBRN; Demilitarization; Homeland Defense; Transportation Security (air, sea, rail, highway); Waste Disposal

Small Business

Nakuuruq Solutions LLC

3201 C St.

Suite 400

Anchorage, AK 99503

(703) 766-6744 (phone)

Home Page: www.nakuuruq.com

NTSA Member

Nammo Talley Inc.

PO Box 34299

Mesa, AZ 85277

(480) 898-2200 (phone)

Home Page: www.nammotalley.com

Dee Swartz

Director of Business Development Ammunition; Artillery; Composites; Demilitarization; Design/Engineering Services; Explosives/Pyrotechnics; Force Protection; Fuzes/Timers; Homeland Defense; Missiles and Rockets; Non-Lethal Technologies; Propellants/Motors; Small Arms/Crew Served Weapons; Space Systems; Special Operations; Test and Evaluation; Training; Underwater Systems/Weapons; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; Weapons


2000 N. 14th St.

Suite 250

Arlington, VA 22201

(703) 524-6100 (phone)

Home Page: www.nammo.com/

Peter Sioma

President & Chief Executive Officer

Air Defense; Ammunition; Artillery; Demilitarization; Explosives/Pyrotechnics; Force Protection; Foreign Military Sales; Load, Assembly, and Packing; Manufacturing Technology; Missile Defense; Missiles and Rockets; Precision Munitions; Propellants/Motors; Quality, Reliability, & Assurance; Weapons

Nanocomp Technologies Inc.

162 Pembroke Road

Concord, NH 03301

(603) 442-8992 (phone)

Home Page: www.nanocomptech.com

Peter L. Antoinette

President & Chief Executive Officer

nanoPrecision Products Inc.

802 Calle Plano

Camarillo, CA 93012

(310) 597-4991 Ext 127 (phone)

Home Page: www.nanoprecisionproducts.com

Robert King

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Avionics; Experimentation; Fuzes/Timers; Manufacturing Technology; Metal Work; Nanotechnology; Networking/Data Links; Prototyping; Simulation and Modeling

Small Business

NanoScale Corporation

1310 Research Park Drive

Manhattan, KS 66502

(785) 537-0179 (phone)

Home Page: www.nanoscalecorp.com

Aaron Madison

Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Anti-Terrorism; Biological Defense; Chemical Defense; Demilitarization; Force Protection; Homeland Defense; Laboratories; Nanotechnology; Protective Equipment (helmets, body armor)

Small Business

National Aerospace Laboratory NLR

Anthony Fokkerweg 2

Amsterdam, 1059 CM Netherlands

+31 88 5113423 (phone)

Home Page: www.n1r.n1

NTSA Member

National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining

1600 Technology Way

PO Box 231

Latrobe, PA 15650

(724) 539-8811 (phone)

Home Page: www.ncdmm.org

Ralph L. Resnick

President & Executive Director

Vickie Plesko

Communications Administrator

Air Defense; Aircraft (fighters, bombers, transports, tankers, trainers); Airframes; Ammunition; Antennas; Armor; Artillery; Combat Vehicles; Composites; Consulting Services; Contract Management; Design/Engineering Services; Electronics; Electro-Optics; Engines/Turbines and Components; Experimentation; High-Speed Assembly Automation; Inspection Equipment/Gages; Laboratories; Load, Assembly, and Packing; Machine Tools; Manufacturing Technology; Metal Work; Missile Defense; Missiles and Rockets; Nanotechnology; Night Vision; Precision Munitions; Process Improvement; Propellants/Motors; Protective Equipment (helmets, body armor); Prototyping; Quality, Reliability, & Assurance; Robotics; Shipbuilding; Shipping/Handling/Containers; Simulation and Modeling; Space Systems; Systems Engineering; Tactical Vehicles/ Trucks; Test and Evaluation; Training; Underwater Systems/Weapons; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; Unmanned Ground Vehicles; Unmanned Undersea Vehicles; Weapons; Weapons Fire Control

National Center for Simulation

3039 Technology Parkway

Suite 213

Orlando, FL 32826

(407) 882-0692 (phone)

Home Page: www.simulationinformation.com

Thomas L. Baptiste

President & Executive Director

Ron Stiles

Deputy Director

Homeland Defense; Non-Lethal Technologies; Simulation and Modeling; Test and Evaluation: Training

Small Business

NTSA Member

National Council for Advanced Manufacturing

2025 M St. N.W.

Suite 800

Washington, DC 20036

(202) 429-2220 (phone)

Home Page: www.nacfam.org

Fred Wentzel

Executive Vice President

Consulting Services

National Defense Business Institute

The University Of Tennessee 9

16 Volunteer Blvd.

Knoxville, TN 37996

(865) 974-1708 (phone)

Home Page: www.ndbi.utk.edu/defense

Brian Wright

Ron Solmonson

Director of Operations

Acquisition Policy; Homeland Defense; Training

National Defense University Foundation

PC Box 71386

Washington, DC 20024

(202) 685-2527 (phone)

Home Page: www.ndufoundation.org

Cathleen Pearl

Director of Development

Please see our ad on page 69.

National Forensic Science Technology Center

7881 114th Ave. N.

Largo, FL 33773

(727) 549-6067 (phone)

Home Page: www.nfstc.org

Kevin Lothridge

Chief Executive Officer

David Epstein

Chief Operations Officer

Biometrics; Laboratories; Test and Evaluation; Training

The National Guard Association of the United States

1 Massachusetts Ave. N.W.

Washington, DC 20001

(202) 789-0031 (phone)

Home Page: www.ngaus.org

MG Gus Hargett, USA (Ret)


National Intelligence Education Foundation Inc.

PO Box 2261

Merrifield, VA 22116

(703) 608-7558 (phone)

Home Page: www.niefoundation.org

Charlotte A. NJ. Gallagher


National Robotics Training Center

1951 Pisgah Road

Florence, SC 29501

(843) 413-2757 (phone)

Home Page: www.nrtcenter.com

Dr. Charles Muse

Executive Director

Bill Bennett

Director of Manufacturing & Training

Robotics; Training

National Technical Systems (NTS)

4900 Central Ave.

Hot Springs, AR 71913

(501) 520-4600 (phone)

Home Page: www.nts.com

David C. Mann

Vice President of Defense

Air Defense; Aircraft (fighters, bombers, transports, tankers, trainers); Airframes; Ammunition; Antennas; Anti-Terrorism; Armor; Artillery; Automatic Test Equipment; Avionics; Combat Vehicles; Composites; Consulting Services; Contract Management; Control Systems; Design/Engineering Services; Electronics; Electro-Optics; EMI Shielding; Engines/Turbines and Components; Explosives/Pyrotechnics; Fuzes/Timers; Guidance Systems/Seekers; Homeland Defense; Infrared Systems; Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals; Missile Defense; Missiles and Rockets; Navigation Systems (Including GPS); Networking/Data Links; Night Vision; Non-Lethal Technologies; Precision Munitions; Quality, Reliability, & Assurance; Radar; RFID/UID; Robotics; Satellites; Simulation and Modeling; Small Arms/Crew Served Weapons; Software; Space Systems; Systems Engineering; Tactical Vehicles/Trucks; Targets (Air, Ground, Sea); Test and Evaluation; Test and Training Ranges; Training; Underwater Systems/Weapons; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; Unmanned Ground Vehicles; Unmanned Undersea Vehicles; Weapons; Weapons Fire Control

Nautical Structures

10351 72nd St.

Largo, FL 33777

(888) 541-6664 (phone)

Home Page: www.nautical-structures.com

Brian Knarich


Navajo Fabrics

PO Box 2936

Westerly, RI 02891

Home Page: www.navajo-fabrics.com

(401) 596-1878 (phone)

Ernest Chornyei

Chief Executive Officer

Naval Aviation Museum Foundation

1750 Radford Blvd.

Suite B

Pensacola, FL 32508

(850) 453-2389 (phone)

Home Page: www.navalaviationmuseum.org

Gerald Hoewing

Aircraft (fighters, bombers, transports, tankers, trainers); Avionics; Simulation and Modeling; Training

NavCom Defense Electronics Inc,

9129 Stellar Court

Corona, CA 92883

(951) 268-9230 (phone)

Home Page: www.navcom.com

Patricia M. Gwyn

Executive Secretary

Automatic Test Equipment; Avionics

NavELite LLC

5208 Kernwood Court

Palm Harbor, FL 34685

(727) 488-9926 (phone)

Home Page: www.navelite.com

Navistar Defense LLC

4201 Winfield Road

Warrenville, IL 60555

(331) 332-3500 (phone)

Home Page: www.navistardefense.com

Archie L. Massicotte


Armor; Combat Vehicles; Construction/Construction...

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