2011 Winter, Pg. 5. Introduction.

AuthorBy Matthew R. Serge

New Hampshire Bar Journal


2011 Winter, Pg. 5.


New Hampshire Bar JournalVolume 51, No. 2Winter 2011IntroductionBy Matthew R. SergeMuch has happened in the New Hampshire judiciary over the past few months. John T. Broderick has resigned as Chief Justice of the New Hampshire supreme Court and has now assumed the mantle of Dean at the university of new Hampshire Law school. Justice Linda s. Dalianis has recently been confirmed as the first woman Chief Justice of the supreme Court. And Justice Robert J. Lynn has been elevated to fill the seat left vacant on the supreme Court bench, leaving open the seat of Chief Justice for the new Hampshire superior Court.

in light of these significant changes in our judicial landscape, it is only fitting that this edition of the bar Journal begins with a tribute to former Chief Justice John T. Broderick. This tribute contains some of Justice Broderick's most memorable comments he has made through the years and underscores what makes Justice Broderick a truly remarkable justice and person.

Next Charles G. Douglas, iii, himself a former justice of the supreme Court, and Jay surdukowski, an attorney and member of the New Hampshire supreme Court society, take us on a tour of the evolution of the New Hampshire supreme Court. This article takes the reader back to the time of the Court's creation and explores the trajectory of the Court up to the present day.

Barbara G.H. stewart next provides us with a wonderful article paying tribute to Justice William R. Johnson, who passed away on May 30, 2009...

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