2011 Summer, Pg. 4. Introduction.

New Hampshire Bar Journal


2011 Summer, Pg. 4.


New Hampshire Bar JournalVolume 52, No. 2Summer 2011IntroductionThis month's issue of Bar Journal is a bit of a catch-all, a catching-up collection of articles.

Some easy reading first - an irresistible article dispensing advice on writing for lawyers, by Douglas Abrams, a professor at the University of Missouri School of Law. He has collected the wisdom of a passel of great writers, some of them legally trained, to present a powerful, persuasive essay that we hope inspires and empowers you to be a messenger of conciseness, clarity, precision and simplicity.

This issue contains Part 2 of our discussion of the death penalty in New Hampshire with articles by supporters of the death penalty who served on the Commission to Study the Death Penalty in New Hampshire. James Reams, Rockingham County Attorney and Charles Putnam, a former head of the New Hampshire Attorney General's homicide prosecution unit who now studies and teaches at the University of New Hampshire, team up on three articles that address the issues of morality, deterrence effects, and costs of the death penalty. John Kissinger, once Putnam's colleague on homicide cases at the Attorney General's office, who has written appeals for inmates on death row in other states, explains his support for New Hampshire's very limited and careful approach to capital punishment.

Two additional features venture into the high-tech world of the law.

First we introduce CasemakerELITE, a very exciting update to the Bar's signature member benefit, free access to caselaw for members...

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