2011 Summer, Pg. 25. INTRODUCING Casemakerelite.

New Hampshire Bar Journal


2011 Summer, Pg. 25.

INTRODUCING Casemakerelite

New Hampshire Bar JournalVolume 52, No. 2Summer 2011INTRODUCING CasemakereliteJust short of nine years ago (December 1, 2002 to be exact), the New Hampshire Bar Association made available the Casemaker Web Library to members.

This summer, Casemaker unveiled its most drastically improved version, Casemaker ELITE. But don't just take Casemaker's word for it that this is a significant improvement.

Bob Ambrogi, a Massachusetts lawyer and author of the Lawsites blog previewed Casemaker Elite and was impressed. He saw Casemaker ELITE as "a significant upgrade to its interface that promises to significantly enhance its intuitiveness and ease of use while also enhancing the product's core functionality."

"WestlawNext and Lexis Advance both took their lead from Google, incorporating a single search box that searches universally across libraries. CasemakerElite does the same,"Ambrogi wrote. "You can enter a simple search, a phrase, a more complex syntax search or a citation. Casemaker will deliver the most relevant results from across all its libraries of primary law-cases, statutes, court rules and other materials. From there, you can easily drill down through or narrow the results."

Recently a handful of Bar members have tried Casemaker ELITE. They report that it is as intuitive as Google to use, and that adapting to it was effortless. For a short period of time, Casemaker is available in two versions: 2.2 and ELITE beta version. Both versions are being kept up to date. We encourage you to try Casemaker ELITE now. Early reports are that once you have tried it, you won't go back to the old version.

You may be required to log in a second time when you arrive at Case-maker ELITE. Fortunately, there is a very good reason for that - this second sign-in will create a personal identity (rather than a generic identity as a member of a particular state Bar) and will provide you with a personalized experience.

Improvements in ELITE start on the home page. Four major components of the home page can take you anywhere, by the route you prefer:

A Search bar, that helpfully corrects spelling and suggests previous search terms, allows you to enter your search term. It incorporates a jurisdiction drop-down menu that allows you to easily narrow the search. A library list presents the types of content available if you seek material by browsing (Adininistrative Code, Bar Journals...

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