2011 IP Contact Center Technology Pioneer Awards.

Author:Read, Brendan
Position:AWARDS & Recognition

Customer Interaction Solutions realizes that technology is the key to success of every contact center, and we have been editorially detailing the evolution of contact center and CRM technologies for our readers for the past 30 years. We also realize that, with an ever-expanding range of new products and services in the contact center space and new categories of them, it can be challenging for our readers to keep up with the latest and greatest in these solutions.

This is why we research and present the IP Contact Center Technology Pioneer Awards, so we can highlight for our readers many of the best players in this emergent technology that is saving contact centers globally time, effort and capital, while enabling increased quality and flexibility to permit them to deliver award-winning service, anytime, anywhere. Winners have been judiciously selected based on the IP contact center solutions or services that offered stand-out features, functions...

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