2011 Fall, Pg. 4. INTRODUCTION.

AuthorDan Wise, Editor

New Hampshire Bar Journal


2011 Fall, Pg. 4.


New Hampshire State Bar JournalVolume 52, No. 3Fall 2011INTRODUCTIONDan Wise, EditorThis is not a "theme" issue. There's plenty to read, but it is impossible to corral the articles in this issue under one umbrella.

Consider this lineup: Concussions. Trolls. Apitched battle between a federal court judge and a New Hampshire judge over jurisdiction is recalled from the 19th century. And the surprisingly slippery meaning of a word you see all the time in statutes and caselaw: "substantial."

Also, practical articles on no-contest clauses in wills and trusts; a primer on legal aspects of frst-person property insurance; and the impact of recent appellate rulings in workers compensation law.

Last, not an article at all, but an impartial timeline of an "infamous" case. Starting on page 36 is a condensed timeline of legal motions and life events in a decade of litigation in a high-confict divorce. This is the case that ended with the self-immolation of Thomas Ball in front of the Cheshire County Superior Court on June 16, 2011. Mr Ball submitted a lengthy rambling letter to the local newspaper before his very public suicide, proclaiming, in effect, that the courts had failed to provide him justice. Our timeline, compiled entirely from court pleadings and orders, is intended, as objectively as possible, to supplement the news reporting surrounding the incident with facts about how the case had been handled over the past 10 years.

And, of course, New Hampshire Supreme Court cases ably reviewed by David Ruoff, our current Lex Loci author

This issue is late because it took awhile to pull...

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