2009 legislative priorities.

Position:VOTE 4BIZ

The Chamber's Government Relations team defends Detroit Regional businesses at all levels of government. Keeping business costs low, our team fends off new taxes and regulation. Improving our business climate, we promote more efficient and effective infrastructure.


* Evaluate the Federal No Child Left Behind act and advocate appropriate modifications during reauthorization this year


* Identify and advocate for policies at the local and state level that increase the number of high performing schools serving at-risk youth

* Improve and expand on Science Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education throughout the region

Health Care

* Oppose any new mandated insurance coverage(s)


* Support incentives to employers that provide worksite wellness programs for their employees

* Oppose federal health care reform proposals that may invite marketing practices that create an unlevel playing field

* Support evidence-based medicine as a means to improve overall quality of care and control costs

* Support adequate and equitable funding for Medicare and Medicaid program(s)

* Support reforms to allow for the safe and timely entry of generic drugs into the marketplace

* Engage state and regional groups to improve quality, reduce cost and expand access



* Eliminate Michigan Business Tax surcharge


* Enact technical changes to the Modified Gross Receipts Tax portion of the Michigan Business Tax ensuring that businesses will not be taxed on taxes paid

* Enact a taxpayer bill of rights


* Enact structural reforms to the Michigan Department of Corrections that reduce the cost of government by addressing length of stay and administrative costs. Apply savings to repeal of the MBT surcharge

* Support long term budget reforms streamlining government and reducing its cost



* Support energy policy that encourages the expansion of renewable and alternative technologies, while continuing to recognize the importance of traditional fuels to ensure a reliable, cost-effective supply in the near term


* Support policies that promote Michigan's ability to capitalize on the growth of environmental and energy industries


* Support continuation of reasonable implementation of the State's permit system. Oppose Federal attempts to regulate carbon emissions under the Clean Air Act


* Support meaningful reform of Michigan's...

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