2008 Mega directory: defense industry.

Position:1stPower, a division of Energy Technologies Inc.-Knowledge Based Systems Inc. - Directory

1stPower, a division of Energy

Technologies Inc.

Rugged Power Global Solutions

219 Park Ave. E.

Mansfield, OH 44902-1845

(419) 522-4444 (phone)

Home Page: www.1stpower.com

P D Madden

General Manager

Tim Lowe Vice President, Sales Air Traffic Control; Batteries / Portable Power; Biometrics; C4ISR; Control Systems; Electronics; EMI Shielding; Generators; Homeland Defense; Information Technology; Intelligence (HUMINT); Intelligence (SENSOR FUSION); Intelligence (SIGINT); Intelligence (TACTICAL ISR); Radar; Satellites; Shipbuilding; Space Systems; Tactical Communications; Tactical Vehicles/Trucks; Vehicle Power; Workstations Small Business; Veteran-Owned

3 Dimensional Services

2547 Product Drive

Rochester Hills, MI 48309

(248) 852-1333 (phone)

Home Page: www.3dimensional.com

Michael Brabandt

Senior Sales Engineer

Jeff Peterson General Manager Armor; Combat Vehicles; Engines/Turbines and Components; Force Protection; Metal Work; Night Vision; Prototyping; Tactical Vehicles/Trucks Small Business

360 Software Corp.

12472 Lake Underhill Road

Suite 174

Orlando, FL 32828-7144

(407) 380-6322 (phone)

Home Page: www.360softwarecorp.com




350 Campus Drive

Marlboro, MA 01752

(508) 323-1308 (phone)

Home Page: www.3com.com

Email: reginald moore@3com.com


3M Center

Saint Paul, MN 55144-1000

(651) 733-1110 (phone)

Home Page: http://www.mmm.com/gov

Skip Daly

Business Development Manager

Access Control; Anti-Terrorism; Batteries / Portable Power; Biological Defense; Combat Vehicles; Composites; Display Systems; Electronics; Electro-Optics; EMI Shielding; Environment Cleanup; Force Protection; Foreign Military Sales; Fuels, Lubricants, Oils, and Waxes; Health Systems; Homeland Defense; Image Exploitation/Processing/Systems; Information Technology; Inspection Equipment/Gages; Logistics Support/Management; Manufacturing Technology; Missile Defense; Missiles and Rockets; Networking/Data Links; Pollution Prevention; Propellants/Motors; RFID/UID; Security Devices/Services; Sensors; Shipbuilding; Shipping / Handling / Containers; Survival Equipment; Test and Evaluation; Transportation Security (air, sea, rail, highway)

4ward Sciences Inc.

910 Normandy Road

Encinitas, CA 92024

(619) 994-1001 (phone)

Home Page: www.4wardsciences.com

Email: cbrown@4wardsciences.com

Chris Brown

President CEO

Casey Myers Executive Vice President

A.R.M.S. Inc.

230 W. Center St.

West Bridgewater, MA 02379-1620

(508) 584-7816 (phone)

Home Page: www.armsmounts.com

Email: sswan37176@aol.com

Richard Swan

President and Chief Executive Officer

Sharon Swan

Executive Vice President

Nuclear Ordnance; Weapons Fire Control Small Business

A123Systems, Advanced Government

Solutions Group

3850 Research Park Drive

Ann Arbor, MI 48108-2240

(734) 213-1637 (phone)

Home Page: www.a123systems.com

Batteries / Portable Power

A2B Tracking Solutions

207 Highpoint Ave.

Portsmouth, RI 02871

(401) 683-5215 (phone)

Home Page: www.uidsolutions.com

Peter Collins


Marc Corriveau

Sales Manager

Consulting Services; Information Technology; Peacekeeping; RFID/UID; Software Small Business

AAI Corporation

124 Industry Lane

PO Box 126

Hunt Valley, MD 21030-0126

(410) 666-1400 (phone)

Home Page: www.aaicorp.com

Email: aaireg@aaicorp.com

Robert Peters

Vice President, Business Development

Sharon Corona

Director, Corporate Communications

Air Defense; Ammunition; Artillery; Automatic Test Equipment; Biological Defense; C41SR; Combat Vehicles; Control Systems; Design/Engineering Services; Electronics; Electro-Optics; Force Protection; Foreign Military Sales; Fuzes/Timers; Guidance Systems/Seekers; Homeland Defense; Security Devices/Services; Shipping / Handling / Containers; Simulation and Modeling; Small Arms/Crew Served Weapons; Software; Special Operations; Systems Engineering; Training; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; Weapons NTSA Member

AAR Brown International

2103 W. Ferry Way

Huntsville, AL 35801

(256) 705-1100 (phone)

Home Page: www.aarcorp.com

Lonnie Poling

Director Business Development

Beverly Love

Contracts Manager

Air Defense; Air Traffic Control; C4ISR; Cargo Handling Systems; Contract Management; Cost Accounting; Design/Engineering Services; Display Systems; Electronics; Force Protection; Foreign Military Sales; Guidance Systems/Seekers; Homeland Defense; Metal Work; Missile Defense; Networking/Data Links; Quality, Reliability, & Assurance; Shelter / Shelter Systems; Space Systems; Systems Engineering; Tactical Communications; Tactical Vehicles/Trucks; Test and Evaluation; Test and Training Ranges; Training; Unmanned Ground Vehicles Small Business

AAR Mobility Systems

201 Haynes St.

PO Box 550

Cadillac, MI 49601-1803

(231) 779-4808 (phone)

Home Page: www.aarmobilitysystems.com

Arthur Breithaupt

Vice President, Military Sales

Mark Murton

Marketing Director

Air Traffic Control; Anti-Terrorism; C4ISR; Design/Engineering Services; Display Systems; EMI Shielding; Experimentation; Field Equipment (tents, backpacks); Homeland Defense; Information Technology; Load, Assembly, and Packing; Logistics Support/Management; Manufacturing Technology; Metal Work; Networking/Data Links; Peacekeeping; Prototyping; Shelter / Shelter Systems; Shipping / Handling / Containers; Systems Engineering; Tactical Communications; Test and Evaluation; Training; Workstations

Abba Consulting

6421 Lyric Lane

Falls Church, VA 22044-1220

(703) 658-1815 (phone)

Wayne Abba


Acquisition Policy; Consulting Services; Contract Management Small Business; Veteran-Owned

Accellent Inc.

200 W. 7th Ave.

Collegeville, PA 19426-2112

(610) 489-0300 (phone)

Home Page: www.accellent.com

Email: tom.murray@accellent.com


11951 Freedom Drive

Reston, VA 20190-5601

(703) 947-2000 (phone)

Home Page: www.accenture.com/defense

Email: eric.s.stange@accenture.com

Cara L. Knox

Defense Marketing Lead

Eric Stange

Managing Director, Defense Group

Access Control; Acquisition Policy; Air Defense; Antennas; Anti-Terrorism; Automatic Test Equipment; Avionics; Banking/Finance; C4ISR; Configuration Management; Consulting Services; Control Systems; Cost Accounting; Cyber Security; Data Storage/Warehousing; Demilitarization; Design/Engineering Services; Display Systems; Electronic Commerce; Electronics; Electro-Optics; Guidance Systems/Seekers; Health Systems; High-Speed Assembly Automation; Homeland Defense; Image Exploitation/Processing/Systems; Information Technology; Infrared Systems; Intelligence (GEOINT); Intelligence (HUMINT); Intelligence (SENSOR FUSION); Intelligence (SIGINT); Intelligence (TACTICAL ISR); Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals; Load, Assembly, and Packing; Logistics Support/Management; Manufacturing Technology; Mapping and Equipment; Navigation Systems (Including GPS); Networking/Data Links; Peacekeeping; Quality, Reliability, & Assurance; Radar; RFID/UID; Security Devices/Services; Sensors; Simulation and Modeling; Software; Standards Development; Statistical Process Control; Systems Engineering; Tactical Communications; Targets (Air, Ground, Sea); Test and Evaluation; Training; Transportation Security (air, sea, rail, highway); Underwater Systems/Weapons; Workstations

Access National Bank

1800 Robert Fulton Drive

Suite 350

Reston, VA 20191-4346

(703) 871-2119 (phone)

Home Page: www.accessnationalbank.com

Email: dloughran@accessnationalbank.com






Accu-Counter Technologies

2617 Legends Way, Suite 160

Crestview Hills, KY 41017-2379

(859) 344-6770 (phone)

Home Page: www.accucounter.com

Email: office@accucounter.com

Ammunition; Weapons Fire Control

Accurate Energetic Systems LLC

5891 Highway 230 W.

McEwen, TN 37101-3971

(931) 729-4207 (phone)

Home Page: www.aesys.biz

Bobby van Rensburg

Ammunition; Demilitarization; Explosives/Pyrotechnics; Fuzes/Timers; Load, Assembly, and Packing; Precision Munitions HUBZone; Small Business

Accurate Engineering Integrated Construction


4204 Sorrento Valley Blvd.

Suite L

San Diego, CA 92121-1412

(858) 546-1789 (phone)

Home Page: www.AEICSinc.com

Accutest Laboratories

2235 Route 130

Dayton, NJ 08810

(732) 329-0200 (phone)

Home Page: www.accotest.com

Email: stevew@accutest.com

Vince Pugliese


Steve Warren

Business Development Manager

Demilitarization; Explosives/Pyrotechnics; Laboratories; Test and Evaluation; Test and Training Ranges; Waste Disposal Small Business

ACES Systems/TEC Aviation Division

10737 Lexington Drive

Knoxville, TN 37932

(865) 671-2003 (phone)

Home Page: www.acessystems.com

William Simpkins


Larry Lehmann

Director, Aviation Marketing and Sales

High-Speed Assembly Automation; Inspection Equipment/Gages Small Business

Acquisition Solutions Inc.

1655 N. Fort Myer Drive

Suite 1000

Arlington, VA 22209

(703) 253-6300 (phone)

Home Page: www.acquisitionsolutions.com

Shaw Cohe

Executive Director

Fred Schlich Account Manager Acquisition Policy; Consulting Services; Contract Management; Guidance Systems/Seekers; Information Technology; Quality, Reliability, & Assurance; Training

Acquisition Technologies Inc.

12021 Sunset Hills Road

Reston, VA 20190

(703) 435-0300 (phone)

Home Page: www.ati-dc.com

Email: dirc@ati-dc.com

  1. Cruver


    Acquisition Policy; Configuration Management; Consuiting Services; Contract Management; Cost Accounting; Design/Engineering Services; Information Technology; Systems Engineering; Training Minority-Owned; Small Business; Small Disadvantaged; Veteran-Owned

    Acsis Inc.

    3000 Lincoln Drive

    Marlton, NJ 08053

    (856) 673-3000 (phone)

    Home Page: www.acsisinc.com

    Consulting Services; Design/Engineering Services;

    Load, Assembly, and Packing; Manufacturing Technology;

    RFID/UID; Shipping / Handling / Containers

    ACT Inc.

    311 Judges Road, Suite 4E

    Wilmington, NC 28405-3655

    (319) 337-1270 (phone)

    Home Page: www.actclean.com/mil

    Dave Poirier

    Chief Executive Officer

    Jennifer Poirier

    Small Business; Women-Owned

    Action Manufacturing Company

    100 E. Erie Ave.

    Philadelphia, PA...

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