2007 Winter, Pg. i. Winter 2007 - Table of Contents.

New Hampshire Bar Journal


2007 Winter, Pg. i.

Winter 2007 - Table of Contents

New Hampshire Bar Journal Winter 2007, Volume 47, No. 4 Judicial Legacies Table of Contents

2007 Winter, Pg. 4


By Dan Wise

2007 Winter, Pg. 5

The Judicial Journey of David A. Brock

By Hon. William F. Batchelder

2007 Winter, Pg. 10

Reminiscences of My Friend, David A. Brock

By Hon. Harold W. Perkins

2007 Winter, Pg. 12

Admissibility of Neuropsychological Evidence in New Hampshire

By Attorney Joseph M. Desmond

2007 Winter, Pg. 18

The Legacy of Probate Administrative Judge John R. Maher

By Attorney Charles A. DeGrandpre

2007 Winter, Pg. 20

Beyond Advance Directives: Personal Autonomy and the Right To Refuse Life-Sustaining Medical Treatment

By Attorney Carol Stamatakis (fn1)

2007 Winter, Pg. 36

An Estate Planning Blind Spot: Choosing Guardians for Minor Children

By Attorney Joseph F. McDonald, III

2007 Winter, Pg. 44

Lex Loci: A Survey of New...

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