2007 Winter, Pg. 4. Introduction.

New Hampshire Bar Journal


2007 Winter, Pg. 4.


New Hampshire Bar JournalWinter 2007, Volume 47, No. 4Judicial LegaciesIntroductionThe author list for this issue demonstrates the diversity of your Bar Association. The authors come from the bench (retired Supreme Court Justice William F. Batchelder and retired Superior Court Justice Harold Perkins), and from private practice (including a double-appearance by longtime Lex Loci contributor Charles A. DeGrandpre, a member of a large firm; Joseph Desmond, a Bar member from an out-of-state firm; Joseph McDonald, a small-firm practitioner; and Carol Stamatakis, a public sector/public interest attorney).

The articles in this issue also represent the diverse settings where law is practiced. Attorney Desmond's article deals with law inside the courtroom as he considers the issues surrounding admissibility of neuropsychological evidence.

Two other articles deal with topics outside of the courtroom, where lawyers often find themselves in the role of legal counselor.

Attorney McDonald provides practical guidance for attorneys in their "counselor" role as they help parents choose guardians for their minor children to prepare for the awful event that the clients might die before their children gain independence.

Attorney Stamatakis surveys the development of law for patients and physicians making decisions about the continuation of life-sustaining medical treatment. She provides advice for attorneys who will counsel clients - including terminally ill patients, family members, or health-care providers - in decision-making and handling of the advanced directive.

Last but not least, three articles fall under our cover theme, "Judicial Legacies."

Chief Justice David A. Brock, whose portrait by Richard Whitney illustrates our cover, is celebrated as a man and as a judge by his colleagues. Judge Perkins, who practiced with Brock and also served on the Superior Court bench with him, fills...

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