2007 Summer, Pg. i. Summer 2007 - Table of Contents.

New Hampshire Bar Journal


2007 Summer, Pg. i.

Summer 2007 - Table of Contents

New Hampshire Bar JournalSummer 2007, Volume 48, No. 2Annual Survey of New Hampshire Law2007 Summer, Pg. 1


2007 Summer, Pg. 6

Claremont, Londonderry, and Beyond: The Problematic Definition of Adequate Education in New Hampshire

By Charlotte Ancel

2007 Summer, Pg. 14

To Tax, or Not to Tax? Elder Trust v. Town of Epsom Answers the Question

By Glen Fries

2007 Summer, Pg. 20

Murray v. NH State Police: The Right to Access Police Investigatory Files

By Shannon Gulley

2007 Summer, Pg. 24

From Lumber to Local Area Network: The Impact of Vermont Wholesale on Internet Personal Jurisdiction

By Nathaniel Lucek

2007 Summer, Pg. 40

The Kelo Backlash: Have We Gone Too Far in Restricting the Exercise of Eminent Domain?

By Elizabeth E. J. Nickerson

2007 Summer, Pg. 50

The Magic Lasso: The Implications of Waterman on Public Employees in New Hampshire

By Luke Webster

2007 Summer, Pg. 58


By Attorney David N. Sandberg

2007 Summer, Pg. 68

New Hampshire's Commitment Law: Treatment Implications

By Alexander de Nesnera,...

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