2007 Spring, Pg. i. Spring 2007 - Table of Contents.

New Hampshire Bar Journal


2007 Spring, Pg. i.

Spring 2007 - Table of Contents

New Hampshire Bar Journal Spring 2007, Volume 48, No. 1 Health Care & the Law Table of Contents

2007 Spring, Pg. 4


2007 Spring, Pg. 6

The Federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2006: Efforts to Cut Spending, Incentives to Enact New False Claims Acts

By Attorney Andrew B. Eills

2007 Spring, Pg. 16

Healthcare Pricing Revealed

By Attorney Leslie Ludtke and Tyler Brannen

2007 Spring, Pg. 24

Minor Secrets, Major Headaches: Psychotherapeutic Confidentiality After Berg

by Attorneys David Wolowitz and Jeanmarie Papelian

2007 Spring, Pg. 29

Advance Directives Revisited: Health Care Decision-Making Legislation Approved

By Shawn V. LaFrance and Attorney Melissa Leaver

2007 Spring, Pg. 36

SCREENING PANELS FOR MEDICAL INJURY CLAIMS UNDER RSA 519-B: Implementation, Effect, and Issues on the Horizon

By Attorneys Kevin F. Dugan and Holly B. Haines

2007 Spring, Pg. 47

RSA 141-C: Due Process and the Pandemic

By Attorney Nancy J. Smith

2007 Spring, Pg. 54

Why is Pandemic Influenza Different? Public Health Emergencies and Infectious Diseases

By Jose T. Montero, M.D.

2007 Spring, Pg. 65


By Dorothy A. Bazos, Ph.D. and Anna J. Thomas, MPH

2007 Spring, Pg. 68

The Endowment for Health: Six Years of Service and Counting

By James W. Squires

2007 Spring, Pg. 73

KEEPING CHILDREN HEALTHY: The HNH foundation Promotes Health Coverage and...

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