2007 Autumn, Pg. i. Autumn 2007 - Table of Contents.

New Hampshire Bar Journal


2007 Autumn, Pg. i.

Autumn 2007 - Table of Contents

New Hampshire Bar JournalAutumn 2007, Volume 48, No. 3Municipal Law2007 Autumn, Pg. 4


By Attorney Matthew Serge, Issue Editor

2007 Autumn, Pg. 6

A Brief History of Variance Standards for the Municipal Law Practitioner

By Attorneys Christopher L. Boldt and Sharon Cuddy Somers

2007 Autumn, Pg. 18


By Attorney Matthew R. Serge

2007 Autumn, Pg. 28

State Preemption of Environmental Regulation

By Attorney Jeffrey A. Meyers

2007 Autumn, Pg. 38

Electronic Records and Communications Under New Hampshire's Right-to-Know Law

By Attorney Cordell A. Johnston

2007 Autumn, Pg. 46

The Attorney General's Role in Overseeing Municipal Governance(fn1)

By Attorneys James W. Kennedy and Orville "Bud" Fitch, II

2007 Autumn, Pg. 56

The New Practitioner's Guide to Representing Municipal Boards

By Attorney Richard D. Sager

2007 Autumn, Pg. 62

Public Employees and Constitutional Free Speech: Maybe a Little Less Free? New Hampshire Supreme Court Appears to Say No

By Attorney Daniel D. Crean

2007 Autumn, Pg. 72

Civil and Criminal Contempt in New...

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