2006 Fall, Pg. i. Fall 2006 - Table of Contents.

New Hampshire Bar Journal


2006 Fall, Pg. i.

Fall 2006 - Table of Contents

New Hampshire Bar Journal Fall 2006, Volume 47, No. 3 Taxes, Trusts, Judicial Review, and more. . . Table of Contents

2006 Fall, Pg. 4Introductionby Dan Wise

2006 Fall, Pg. 6The Policy and Provisions of the Trust Modernization and Competitiveness Act of 2006By Attorneys Michelle M. Arruda and William F. J. Ardinger

2006 Fall, Pg. 18UMIFA: Preserving Equity Among Generations For The Charitable DollarBy Attorney Mary Susan Leahy and Terry M. Knowles

2006 Fall, Pg. 26Federal Income Tax Treatment of the Development, Acquisition and Disposition of Intellectual PropertyBy Attorneys Peter T. Beach and Christopher J. Hamlen

2006 Fall, Pg. 40Collective Bargaining in New Hampshire's Public Sector: Thirty Years of Contentious Labor PeaceBy Attorney James F. Allmendinger(fn*)

2006 Fall, Pg...

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