2005-06 new season series.

Position:L.A. SCREENINGS 2005 - Los Angeles - Service development of television production companies


Commander-in-Chief (ABC)

Production Team: Rod Lurie, Marc Frydman

Format: One-hour drama

The first female President of the U.S. moves into the White House

Criminal Minds (CBS)

Production Team: Mark Gordon, Ed Bernero, Jeff Davis, Deborah Spera

Format: One-hour drama

Suspense thriller set in the FBI's Behavioral Sciences Group

Crumbs (ABC) (midseason)

Production Team: Marco Pennette, Mike Tollin, Brian Robbins, Joe Davola

Format: Half-hour comedy

Two estranged brothers (one is a real Don Juan, the other a closeted gay man) make amends when their mom has a psychotic breakdown

Ghost Whisperer (CBS)

Production Team: John Gray, Kim Moses, Ian Sander

Format: One-hour drama

Inspired by the work of psychic James Van Praagh; a newlywed communicates with the dead

In Justice (ABC) (midseason)

Production Team: Robert King, Michelle King, Stu Bloomberg

Format: One-hour drama

Legal drama about lawyers who attempt to help the wrongly convicted

Inconceivable (NBC)

Production Team: Marco Pennette, Oliver Goldstick, Mike Tollin, Brian Robbins, Joe Davola

Format: One-hour drama

About the doctors, psychologists and lawyers in a fertility clinic

The Night Stalker (ABC)

Production Team: Frank Spotnitz, Daniel Sackheim

Format: One-hour drama

Remake of '70s series; a detective faces the supernatural

What About Brian (ABC) (midseason)

Production Team: J.J. Abrams, Thom Sherman, Bryan Burk, Joe & Anthony Russo, Dana Stevens

Format: One-hour drama

A 30-something single guy amongst his married friends


The Scholar (ABC)

Production Team: Steve Martin, Joan Stein, Jon Murray, Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner

Format: One-hour reality

Winner will be sent to a top-rated university


Everybody Hates Chris (UPN)

Production Team: Chris Rock, All LeRoi, Michael Rotenberg, Dave Becky

Format: Half-hour comedy

Narrated by Chris Rock; inspired by his life growing up in Brooklyn in the early 1980s

Everything I Know About Men (CBS) (midseason)

Production Team: Fred Barron, Jenna Elfman

Format: Half-hour comedy

Based on BBC series According to Bex, about a woman with lots of men in her life

Love, Inc. (UPN)

Production Team: Adam Chase, Mark Burg, Warren Littlefield, Andrew Secunda, Oren Koules

Format: Half-hour comedy

Profiles a woman who helps men talk to women

Out of Practice (CBS)

Production Team: Joe Keenan, Christopher Lloyd

Format: Half-hour comedy

A family of single doctors

Sex, Lies & Secrets (UPN)

Production Team: Michael Gans, Richard Register, Jonathan Axelrod, Kelly Edwards

Format: One-hour drama

Ensemble set in Hollywood

South Beach (UPN) (midseason)

Production Team: Jennifer Lopez, Tony Krantz, Simon Fields, Phillip Levens

Format: One-hour drama

Three young and single adults with big dreams; set in Miami

Threshold (CBS)

Production Team: Brannon Braga, David Heyman, David Goyer

Format: One-hour drama

A government analyst and her team's engagement with an alien life form

Wanted (TNT)

Production Team: Aaron Spelling, E. Duke Vincent, Jorge Zamacona, Robert Palm, Mel Efros, Kim Clements, Jonathan Levin

Format: One-hour drama

An elite team of crime fighters from various agencies track down L.A.'s most wanted


Brat Camp (ABC)

Production Team: Allison Grodner, Arnold Shapiro, Peter Casely-Hayford, Jamie Isaacs, Claudia Milne

Format: One-hour reality

Difficult kids go to a wilderness survival camp to change their ways


Hell's Kitchen (Fox)

Production Team: Paul Jackson, Arthur Smith, Kent Weed

Format: One-hour reality

Restaurant boot camp with famous chef Gordon Ramsey


Princes of Malibu (Fox)

Production Team: Gary Benz, Brant Pinvidic, Spencer Pratt

Format: One-hour reality

Follows music producer David Foster and his 20-something step-kids


The 9/11 Project (NBC) Production Team: Grahm Yost, Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, David Nevins

Format: Miniseries

Explores the events leading up to September 11th

Curious George (PBS)


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