2004 Summer, 4. Introduction.

AuthorBy Attorneys James Kerouac and John-Mark Turner

New Hampshire Bar Journal


2004 Summer, 4.


NH Bar JournalSummer 2004, Volume 45, Number 2INTRODUCTIONBy Attorneys James Kerouac and John-Mark TurnerThis edition of the Bar Journal provides a potpourri of articles, ranging in subject matter from ethics to election law. The centerpiece is the Bar Association Ethics Committee's proposed revisions to the New Hampshire Rules of Professional Conduct. Following the lead of the American Bar Association, which began a comprehensive review of its Model Rules of Professional Conduct several years ago, the New Hampshire Supreme Court's Advisory Committee on Rules has asked the Bar Association to recommend changes to the New Hampshire Rules of Professional Conduct. The Bar's Ethics Committee is in the process of assessing each rule and recommending revisions. The Bar Journal is publishing a draft of the Committee's proposed rules to date. (Some rule drafts had not been finalized at deadline for this issue. Visit NH Practice Guidelines for the latest version. The web site version has a page for each rule with individual links to the corresponding sections in the ABA's revised Model Rules and the current Rules of Professional Conduct for ease of comparison.) The sincere hope of the editors of the Journal is that members of the Bar will begin a dialogue on these proposed changes so that the Committee's recommendations to the Supreme Court's Advisory Committee will truly reflect the sentiments of the entire Bar.

The Committee's recommended changes concern, among other things, fees and fee agreements, client trust accounts, multijurisdictional practice, requirements of up-the-chain reporting of legal violations in the context of organizational clients, and pro bono service. Not reached at press time were the rules regarding lawyer advertising, so be sure to check out the web version as well. On the issue of referral fees, the committee was firmly split and two versions are presented. Readers are encouraged to read the roundtable discussion by Committee members for a flavor of the discussions regarding particular proposed revisions.

Here's a rundown of the other articles in this issue:

The Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley on New Hampshire Nonprofits. This issue of the Journal goes beyond a discussion of the ethical constraints governing lawyers. Attorney Michael...

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