2004 Fall, TOC. Table of Contents.

New Hampshire Bar Journal


2004 Fall, TOC.

Table of Contents

New Hampshire Bar JournalFall 2004, Volume 45, Number 3 Table of Contents

Introduction -- 4Dean John Hutson, Marcus Hurn

Blurred Boundaries and Attorneys' Duty of Loyalty: In Re Guardianship of Henderson -- 6Ambre Brandis

Membership Organizations as Places of Public Accommodation Under New Hampshire's Law Against Discrimination -- 12Alison Bethel

State v. Bortner: New Hampshire Begins to Develop Law on Immunity and Cooperation Agreements in Criminal Cases -- 16Kate Morneau

Ambiguous Language in Communications to Employees Can Deny New Hampshire Employers the Benefits of At-Will Status -- 20Jon N. Strasburger

Bielagus v. EMRE: New Hampshire Rejects Expansion of Traditional Test for Corporate Successor Liability Following an Asset Purchase -- 26Michael J. Zaino

Post-Divorce Assets and the Determination of Child Support -- 32David C. Cox

An Old Conflict: Due process and the demand for efficiency in the administration of Workers' Compensation Appeals - did Appeal of...

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