2004 Fall, 42. Public Interest Coalition Fellowships: Legal Community Supports Public-Sector Law Internships.

AuthorBy Brigette Siff Holmes

New Hampshire Bar Journal


2004 Fall, 42.

Public Interest Coalition Fellowships: Legal Community Supports Public-Sector Law Internships

New Hampshire Bar JournalFall 2004, Volume 45, Number 3Public Interest Coalition Fellowships: Legal Community Supports Public-Sector Law InternshipsBy Brigette Siff HolmesThe Public Interest Coalition at the Franklin Pierce Law Center is a student organization dedicated to increasing awareness of and promoting the practice of public interest law. PIC members do not receive academic credit for their activities. PIC educates members about public interest career opportunities and exposes the Pierce Law community to public interest law issues. An important part of its mission is to encourage and assist Pierce Law in promoting loan forgiveness programs in order to encourage and facilitate public interest law careers. Also, PIC (along with the Social Justice Institute and the Office of Career Services) helps students obtain summer employment in the public interest area by providing information on programs such as Equal Justice Works and by sponsoring the annual PIC Auction which funds the Public Interest Law Fellowship Program..

For the past 12 years, Pierce Law's Public Interest Coalition has awarded Fellowships to selected law students for summer internships with public-sector or public-interest organizations and agencies. The fellowships provide students with stipends which help cover living expenses, and are awarded only to interns who will be working at organizations financially unable to pay a summer law intern. Currently, each full fellowship provides a $3,000 summer stipend.

The students in PIC are primarily responsible for funding the program and a major focus of their fundraising efforts is centered on organizing the annual Public Interest Coalition Auction held each spring. On March 19, 2004, the 12th Annual PIC Auction was held, raising a record breaking $46,000 for public interest fellowships. The amount of money and attendance at the event has grown over the years, from $6,000 in its first year to $46,000 in 2004. Accordingly, the amount awarded in full fellowships has also grown. Originally a full fellowship was $2,000, growing to $2,500 and then to the present amount of $3,000. At the current funding level, a Public Interest Fellowship funded internship is a viable summer...

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