2004 best in the business submissions.

Position:The Best in the Business

The following personnel were submitted for Corrections Today's annual Best in the Business issue. Many thanks to the correctional agencies and ACA chapters and affiliates for nominating staff members this year.


ADOC K-9 Tracking Teams; Mason Coleman, acting superintendent, ACI; Ivory Corbitt, Elmore Correctional Facility; Reba Currie, Ventress Correctional Facility; Clarence Daily, Holman Correctional Facility; Andy Farquhar, CIA group; Charles Hadley, Elmore Correctional Facility; Clifton McGinnis, Frank Lee Youth Center; Lydia Peoples, St. Clair Correctional Facility; Cheryl Price, Bibb County Correctional Facility; Tom Seibert, central accounting office; Annie Spann, Donaldson Correctional Facility; Anthony Stonewall, Holman Correctional Facility; Chris Summers, chaplain, Holman Correctional Facility; Lisa Tucker, St. Clair Correctional Facility; Nadine Tyson, personnel division; Lillie Watson-Foster, Elba Work Release; Douglas Womble, Frank Lee Correctional Facility; Joseph Womble, Elmore Correctional Facility


John Palosarri, deputy warden, Yuma Cheyenne Unit; John Stutzman, correctional officer III, Yuma-Dakota Unit; Johnny Taylor, sergeant, Yuma-Cocopah Unit


Patrick Casselberry and Team, CSS III, Food Service, Delta Correctional Center; Joe Guzman, correctional support supervisor II, Fremont Correctional Facility; Larry E. Reid, warden, Centennial Correctional Facility


Michael J. Simpson, correctional officer, Garner Correctional Facility


Jerry Blalock, sergeant, Reception and Medical Center; Mark Clark, senior corrections officer, Volusia County Correctional Facility; Dale Dobuler, superintendent, Bay Regional Juvenile Detention Center; Dave Foutch, inventory control specialist, Volusia County Correctional Facility; Brian Judd, corrections sergeant, Volusia County Correctional Facility; Clayton Thomas, sergeant, Reception and Medical Center


Stacey Stone, captain, Dooly State Prison


Thomas E. Herring, special assistant to the director, Hawaii Department of Public Safety; Edward Keoho Jr., adult corrections officer, Kauai Community Correctional Center; Shari Kimoto-Kaauwai, social worker, Halawa Correctional Facility; John Maguire, adult correctional officer, Halawa Correctional Facility


Jarod Cash, correctional officer, North Idaho Correctional Institution; Cliff Cummings, probation and parole officer, District 6 Office; John Warner, probation and parole officer, District 6 Office


David and Leslie Morris, correctional officers, Reception-Diagnostic Center


Harbans Deol, medical director, Iowa Medical and Classification Center; Debbie Dowell, employment training specialist, Burlington Iowa Workforce Development; Sally Kreamer, assistant director, Field Services, Fifth Judicial District of Correctional Services; Michael T. Lew, Region 8- DCC; Garry Seyb, lieutenant, Women's Unit, Mt. Pleasant Correctional Facility


Donald L. Denney, chief psychologist, U.S. Penitentiary at Leavenworth


Michael Burnett, district supervisor, Probation and Parole Office; Jon Borie, assistant supervisor, Probation...

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