2003 best in the business list of submissions.

Position:Best in the Business

The following personnel were submitted for Corrections Today's annual Best in the Business issue. Many thanks to the correctional agencies and American Correctional Association chapters and affiliates for nominating staff members this year.

Alabama -- Faye Ethridge, coordinator of volunteers, Department of Youth Services-Chalkville Campus

Alaska -- Frances Macon, volunteer/foster parent. McLaughlin Youth Center: Jeff Rigo, unit leader-detention, Fairbanks Youth Facility

Arkansas -- Sarah McQuilliams, warden, DOC-North Central Unit

Arizona -- Brian Bylbie, parole officer, DOC, Community Corrections Division; Phillip Elliott, captain, Arizona State Prison Complex (ASPC)-Safford; Jason Mess, correction officer II, DOC-Cheyenne; Maria Molina, correctional officer II, ASPC-Yuma Complex. Dakota Unit; Donald Morrison, correctional officer II, ASPC-Safford, Graham Unit; Eugene Mummert, captain, ASPC-Lewis; Robert Kevin Reardon, officer, ASPC-Yuma Complex; Mickay Rivera, correctional officer II, ASPC-Yuma Complex, Cocopah Unit; John Stutzman, correctional officer III, ASPC-Yuma Complex, Dakota, Unit; Tracy Wilson, sergeant, ASPC-Yuma Complex, Cheyenne Unit

California -- Steven R. Amason Sr., correctional officer, California Institution for Men-Chino: Michael A.R. Beekman, sergeant (reserve) Orange County Sheriff's Department Juvenile Services Bureau; Ken Grady, correctional sergeant, Calipatria State Prison; Andrew Johnson, correctional sergeant, CDC Statewide Transportation Unit, California Institution for Men-Chino; M. Kim Mercer, police officer, San Francisco Police Department, Juvenile and Family Services Division; Forrest Tucker, correctional sergeant, McCain Valley Conservation Camp #21; Steven G. Vlasis, deputy sheriff III, Fresno County Sheriff's Department

Florida -- Patricia Alexis, Orange County Corrections Department (OCCD); Joel Ashe, OCCD; Kent Bazan, OCCD; Jill Bessette, superintendent, Aluchua Regional Juvenile Detention Center; Richard L. Braxton, sergeant/correctional officer, Holmes Correctional Institution; Dwayne Brown, OCCD; Joel Brown, OCCD; David Bynum, OCCD; Ramon Caban, OCCD; Steven Camacho, OCCD; Emily Carrasquillo, OCCD; Kenneth Demmo, OCCD; Isaiah Dennard, OCCD; Michael Feeney, OCCD; Tamera L. Fogleman, CPSO, DOC-02-0; Dixie D. Fosler, superintendent, Marion Regional Detention Center; Ronnie Fryer, regional director-detention, South Region Detention Services; William E. Groves, correctional officer, Polk Correctional Institution; Jay Gruner, OCCD; Julia A. Hartley, academic teacher, Avon Park Correctional Institution; Anthony Herring, OCCD; Christopher Holmes, OCCD; Ronald Hunter, correctional probation officer, Probation and Parole Services-Tallahassee; Jabari Jackson, OCCD; Steven Jusino, OCCD; Hubert "Buddy" Kent, assistant warden for programs, DOC-Region I; John Kirby, OCCD; Richard Lachiusa, correctional officer, Daytona Beach Work Release Center; Jason Lichtenwald, OCCD; Edwin Maldonado, OCCD; James Meade, OCCD, LaTonya Oats, psychological specialist, Lowell Correctional Institution; Dana Reuter, volunteer, Pasco Regional Juvenile Detention Center; Franklin Sever, OCCD; James Sevigny, OCCD; David Springsteen, correctional officer, Avon Park Correctional Institution; Gary M. Thomas, warden, Okaloosa Correctional Institution; John Thompson, OCCD; Jose Torre, OCCD; Bishop Wenze, OCCD; Barry White, OCCD; Karen White, OCCD; Gary Wiley Jr., OCCD; George Wynn, OCCD; Yvonne Zinnermon, OCCD

Georgia -- Arnie Oliver, correctional officer, Georgia State Prison

Illinois -- John Castro, deputy chief (retired), DOC, Program Services

Kansas -- Gerald Jenisch, Larned Juvenile Correctional Facility

Kentucky -- James L. Wagner Jr., district supervisor, DOC, Division of Probation and Parole; John Weyers Jr., supervisor-(retired), DOC, Probation and Parole, District 1

Louisiana -- Sam Adams sergeant, Louisiana State Penitentiary (LSP)-Angola; Lisa Ard, dental assistant 2, Washington Correctional Institution (WCI); Cyrus Bergeron, lieutenant, WCI; Sandra Bordelon, RN, LSP-Angola; Reginald Brock, major, Elayn Hunt Correctional Center (EHCC); Jimmy Brumfield, master sergeant, LSP-Angola; Anson "Brad" Carpenter, major, DSPC-EHCC; Chad Darbonne, captain, LSP-Angola; James Dauzat, lieutenant, LSP-Angola; Kenneth Davis, master sergeant, LSP-Angola; Timothy Delaney, colonel, LSP-Angola; Anthony Dessele, sergeant, LSP-Angola; Reginald Escue, major, EHCC; Marco Franklin, sergeant, LSP-Angola; Charles Dudley Freeman, master sergeant, WCI; Ronnie Fruge, major, LSP-Angola; Evans Gaspard, cadet, LSP-Angola; Kenneth Gintz, sergeant, LSP-Angola; Patricia Goodlow, procurement specialist, EHCC; Deloris Gullage, master sergeant, LSP-Angola; Robert Y. Henderson deputy warden 2, C. Paul Phelps Correctional Center; Nelda Holiday, sergeant LSP-Angola; Helen Horton, director, food service, EHCC; Angie Huff, assistant warden 3, David Wade Correctional Center; Harold Johnson, maintenance director, EHCC; Juvenile Reception and Diagnostic Center (JRDC) and Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, Correctional Center for Youth, Juvenile Corrections Program (group award); Alvin Lavalais, LSP-Angola; Susan Lindsey, regional director, DPSC-Probation and Parole; Wiley Magee, chaplain, LSP-Angola; Patrick McCann, sergeant, LSP-Angola; Kathleen M. McGinnis, RN, assistant warden, WCI; Chad Menzina, colonel, LSP-Angola; Joe Norwood, captain, LSP-Angola; Jeffrey Osborne, master sergeant, EHCC; Troy Poret, major, LSP-Angola; Joney Primus, master sergeant, EHCC Howard Prince, assistant warden, LSP-Angola; Sabrina Scott, sergeant, LSP-Angola; Debbie Scriber, corrections facility director of nursing 4, David Wade Correctional Center; Stephen Sibley, RN...

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