2002 Hospital Directory.


2002 HOSPITAL DIRECTORY MEDICAL FACILITY STATS 3rd. Medical Group Number of Beds: 5955 Zeamer Ave. Routine Care: 35 Elmendorf AFB, AK 99506 Special Care: Established: 1949 Nursery: Phone: 580-3006 No. of Employees: 847 Fax: 580-3150 No. of Physicians: 140 Web Site: elmendorf.af.mil Part-Time Employees: 10 Parent Company: U.S. Air Force (Nonprofit) Accreditation: JCAHO, CAP, AABB Top Executives: Col. David Gilbreath, FACHE Col. Stan Stancil, MD Lt. Col. Kent Helwig, FACHE Alaska Native Medical Center Number of Beds: 4315 Diplomacy Dr. Routine Care: 150 Anchorage, AK 99508 Special Care: Established: 1953 Nursery: Phone 563-2662 No. of Employees: 1,301 Fax: 729-1984 No. of Physicians: 200 E-Mail: cvramos@anmc.org Part-Time Employees: 161 Parent Company: Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium and Southcentral Foundation (Nonprofit) Accreditation: JCAHO, CAP, AABB Top Executives: Dee Hutchison, Hospital Administrator Alaska Psychiatric Instutute Number of Beds: 2900 Providence Dr. Routine Care: 72 Anchorage, AK 99508 Special Care: Phone: 296-7100 Nursery: Fax: 269-7251 No. of Employees: 250 Parent Company: Dept. of Health & No. of Physicians: 9 Social Services, Div. of Mental Health & Dev. Disabilities Accreditation: JCAHO, HCFA Top Executives: Randall P. Burnes, MS/CEO Mark Welker, Facility Manager Nicholas Kletti, MD/Medical Director Alaska Regional Hospital Number of Beds: 2801 Debarr Rd, Rotine Care: 254 Anchorage, AK 99508 Special Care: Established: 1963 Nursery: Phone: 276-1131 No. of Employees: 551 Fax: 264-1143 No. of Physicians: 492 Web Site: alaskaregional.com Part-Time Employees: 63 Parent Company: HCA (Profit) Accreditation: JCAHO, CARF Top Executives: Edward Lamb, Pres./CEO Rand Kerr, COO Dan Houghton, CFO Bartiett Regional Hospital Number of Beds: 3260 Hospital Dr. Routine Care: 56 Juneau, AK 99801 Special Care: Established: 1971 Nursery: 10 Phone: 796-8900 No. of Employees: 273 Fax: 463-4919 No. of Physicians: 54 E-Mail: mctoner@hisea.org Part-Time Employees: 97 Web Site: bartletthospital.org Parent Company: City and Borough of Juneau (Nonprofit) Accreditation: JCAHO, CLIA, MQSA, ACR Top Executives: Robert F. Valliant, Administrator Sheryl Washburn, Patient Care Administrator Garth Hamblin, CFO Central Peninsula General Number of Beds: Hospital Routine Care: 42 250 Hospital Pl. Special Care: 4 Soldotna, AK 99669 Nursery: 3 Established: 1971 No. of Employees: 214 Phone: 262-4404 No. of Pgysicians: 37 Fax: 262-0731 Part-Time Employees: 112 E-Mail: nichols@cpgh.org Web Site: cpgh.org (Nonprofit) Accreditation: AABB, JCAHO Top Executives: Jay Seigfreid, CEO Mike Gutsch, CFO Christine Blackgoat, Assist. Administrator Cordova Community Number of Beds: Medical Center Routine Care: 25 P.O. Box 160 Special Care: Cordova, AK Nursery: 99574-0160 No. of Employees: 65 Established: 1953 No. of Physicians: 3 Phone: 424-8000 Fax: 424-8160 E-Mail: lkreider@cdvcmc.com Web Site: cdvcmc.com Parent Company: City Of Cordova (Nonprofit) Top Executives: John Vowell, Administrator Fairbanks Memorial Number of Beds: Hospital--Denali Center Routine Care: 196 1650 Cowles St. Special Care: 13 Fairbanks, AK 99701 Nursery: 16 Established: 1972 No. of Employees: 750 Phone: 452-8181 No. of Physicians: 150 Fax: 458-5324 Part-Time Employees: 300 E-Mail: shelby.nelson @bannerhealth.com Web Site: fmhdc.com Parent Company: Banner Health System (Nonprofit) Accreditation: JCAHO, CLIA, AABB Top Executivies: Mike Powers, Administrator Robert Gould, Assit. Administrator/CFO Karl Sanford, Director of Nursing Kanakanak Hospital Number of Beds: P.O. Box 130, Routine: 15 6000 Kanakanak Rd. Special Care: Dillingham, AK 99576 Nursery: 3 Established: 1979 No. of Employees: 375 Phone: 842-5201 No. of Physicians: 9 Fax: 842-9354 Parent Company: Bristol Bay Area Health Corp. (Nonprofit) Accreditation: JCAHO, CAP, ACR Top Executives: Robert J. Clark, Pres./CEO Darrel C. Richardson, Exec. VP/COO Ketchikan General Number of Beds: Hospital Routine Care: 92 3100 Tongass Ave. Special Care: 5 Ketchikan, AK 99901 Nursery: 5 Established: 1923 No. of Employees: 300 Phone: 225-5171 No. of Physicians: 30 Fax: 228-8324 Part-Time Employees: 50 E-Mail: kberntson@ peacehealth.org Web Site: peacehealth.org Parent Company: Peace Health (Nonprofit) Accreditation: JCAHO Top Executives: Karen Sackett, Administrator Lorrie Mortensen, Assist. Admin. of Patient Care Dave Smith, Assist. Admin. of Ancillary Services Manlilaq Health Center Number of Beds: P.O. Box 43 Routine Care: 17 Kotzebue, AK 99752 Special Care: 3 Established: 1973 Nursery: Phone: 442-3321 No. of Employees: 250 Fax: 442-7250 No. of Physicians: 9 Web Site: maniilaq.org Parent Company: Maniilaq Association (Nonprofit) Accreditation: JCAHO Top Executives: Dennis J. Tiepelman, President/CEO Carol DeVaney, Administrator North Star Behavioral Number of Beds: Health System Routine Care: 2530 DeBarr Rd. Special Care: 72 Anchorage, AK 99508 Nursery: Established: 1984 No. of Employees: 60 Phone: 258-7575 No. of Physicians: 7 Fax: 264-3564 (Profit) Accreditation: JCAHO Top Executives: Kathleen Cronen, CEO Norton Sound Regional Number of Beds: Hospital Routine Care: 19 P.O. Box 96 Special Care: 15 Nome, AK 99762 Nursery: 2 Established: 1970 No. of Employees: 323 Phone: 443-3311 No. of Physicians: 8 Fax: 443-3139 Part-Time Employees: 56 Parent Company: Norton Sound Health Corp. (Nonprofit) Accreditation: JCAHO Top Executives: Joe Cladouhos, CEO Chalres Fagerstorm, VP Petersburg Medial Number of Beds: Center Routine Care: 27 P.O. Box 589...

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