2001 Corporate 100 Listing.

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This is the 9th year Alaska Business Monthly has published its Corporate 100 listing, comprised of some of the most dynamic and forward-thinking businesses in the state. These businesses all contribute to the economy of Alaska, either through jobs created, revenues produced, products or services offered, charitable contributions and/or a host of other ways. Many of the companies nominated to appear on this prestigious listing were recommended by some of Alaska's most prominent citizens or the mayors of the communities where the businesses were situated.

Alaska Business Monthly sent out hundreds of Corporate 100 surveys to businesses across the state. Only those who returned their surveys were considered eligible to be on this list. Every effort was made to ensure Alaska's cream-of-the-crop returned their surveys. As a result we received hundreds of applications, from which this year's top 100 were gleaned.

It was a tough decision selecting the top 100 businesses from the applications we received, and some that made the list last year were dropped due to the credentials of newcomers. New to the list this year are Alaska Central Express, Alaska Regional Hospital, Anchorage Sand and Gravel, Anderson Tug & Barge Co., Atigun Corp., Bradley/Reid Communications, Consolidated Freightways, Davis Constructors & Engineers, Dowland-Bach Corp., Golden Valley Electric, H.C. Price Co., Herndon & Thompson Inc., Homer Electric Association, Hughes Thorsness Powell, Koniag Inc., Maskell-Robbins Inc., Mayflower World Wide Movers Inc., McKinley Capital, Microware, Montgomery Watson, N.C. Machinery Co., NANA Development Corp., New Horizons Telecom Inc., Northern Air Cargo Inc., Northland Services, Phillips Alaska Inc., Quadco Inc., R & K Industrial Inc., Schiumberger Oilfield Services, Spenard Builders Supply Inc., TelAlaska Inc., The Nerland Agency, USTravel and Yukon Fuel Co.

These businesses--as with the others on this listing-- represent Alaska's increasingly diversified economy. Alaska has a growing number of jobs in the services industry, which is represented in this listing. A dozen businesses that made the listing fall in the services category. Transportation jobs also dominate, with 16 businesses on the Corporate 100 in the transportation category. The oil and gas industry is also well-represented, with 10 companies on the listing. Also prevalent are Native businesses and construction-related businesses. There are 12 Native-operated businesses on the listing and nine construction companies represented.

The Corporate 100 is not meant to be a listing of the largest businesses in the state--though certainly some of those are represented. This listing was designed to salute those businesses that deserve recognition for their outstanding economic contributions to the state.

For example, Alaska Airlines provides 1,699 jobs and donates over $2 million in air transportation yearly. And Arctic Slope Regional Corp., one of the 13 Native regional corporations, had 2000 sales totaling $1 billion and provided jobs for nearly 7,000 individuals. First National Bank, an Alaska-owned and -operated bank since 1922, donates over $1 million in grants and sponsorships annually.

As you review these pages, other businesses may come to mind that might merit inclusion in the listing next year. If you know of a company that stands out above its peers, let us know.


510 L. St., Ste. 500

Anchorage, AK 99501

Phone: 297-3000

Fax: 297-3051

E-Mail: pjensen@acsalaska.com

WWW Address: acsalaska.com

Key Personnel:

Charles E. Robinson, Chairman/CEO

Wesley Carson, Pres./CAO

John Ayers, Exec. VP/COO


Headquarters in Anchorage Services in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Sitka, Kenai/Soldotna, Homer, Kodiak, 70 rural communities.

Type of Business: Communications.

Business Description: Local telephone, long-distance, wireless, Internet and data communications services to three-fourths of Alaska's population. Operating under several well-known Alaska names, including ATU Communications, PTI Communications, ATU Long Distance, Mactel and PTI Net.

Community Involvement: Supports an aggressive donations/contribution policy. Employee volunteerism in the nonprotit community and corporate sponsorship of worthy events.

Year Founded: 1998

Estab. in Alaska: 1998

No. of Locations: 78

2000 Sales: $313,000,000

1999 Sales: $300,000,000

F.T. Employees: 1,250

P.T. Employees: 0

Total Employees: 1,250

Alaska Aerofuel Inc.

P.O. Box 60669

Fairbanks, AK 99706

Phone: 474-0062

Fax: 474-0085

E-Mail: aerofuel@mosquitonet.com

Key Personnel:

Thomas Murray, Pres./CEO

Robert Hawkins, VP/GM

Paul Gibson, Treas./Office Mgr.

Locations: Fairbanks.

Type of Business: Retail Trade, Transportation.

Business Description: Fixed-based operation at Fairbanks International Airport. Services include aircraft support and petroleum freight hauling. Cold weather testing support, home heating oil, UPS maintenance and aviation support at Ft. Wainwright and Galena.

Community involvement: Arranges accommodations such as hotel rooms, rental cars, catering, river boat rides, sled dog rides, and flight-in trips for pilots and passengers of corporate jets.

Year Founded: 1982

Estab. in Alaska: 1982

No. of Locations: 1

2000 Sales: DND

1999 Sales: DND

F.T. Employees: 22

P.T. Employees: 6

Total Employees: 28

Alaska Airlines Inc.

4750W. Int'l Airport Rd.

Anchorage, AK 99502

Phone: 266-7200

Fax: 266-7229

WWW Address: alaskaair.com

Key Personnel:

John Kelly, Chairman/CEO

Bill Ayer, Pres.

Parent Company: Alaska Air Group

19300 Int'l Blvd.

Seattle, WA 98168

Locations: Serves 42 cities in Alaska, Canada, Mexico and five western states.

Type of Business: Transportation.

Business Description: Air transportation, vacation packages and cargo services.

Community Involvement: Make-a-Wish, Air Life Line, University of Alaska Foundation, Shriners, Fred Hutchison, Leukemia Society, American Cancer Society, Nature Conservancy of Alaska/Washington/Oregon. Donates over $2 million in air transportation yearly.

Year Founded: 1932

Estab. in Alaska: 1932

No. of Locations: 42

2000 Sales: DND

1999 Sates: DND

F.T. Employees: 1,356

P.T. Employees: 343

Total Employees: 1,699

Alaska Central Express

5901 Lockheed Dr.

Anchorage, AK 99502

Phone: 245-0231

Fax: 245-0241

WWW Address: alaskacentralexpress.com

Key Personnel: Mike Beigt, General Mgr. Bob Anderson, Director Cargo services/Sales Mike Murphy, Director Flight Operations

Locations: Anchorage.

Type of Business: Transportation.

Business Description: Scheduled air cargo, small packages, charter airline.

Community Involvement: Alaska Air Carriers member; sponsors many school activities in Anchorage and throughout the Bush, and various other causes.

Year Founded: 1996

Estab. in Alaska: 1996

No. of Locations: 1

2000 Sales: DND

1999 Sales: DND

F.T. Employees: 117

P.T. Employees: 10

Total Employees: 127

Alaska Commercial Co.

550 W. 64th Ave.

Anchorage, AK 99518

Phone: 273-4600

Fax: 273-4800

WWW Address: acc.northwest.ca

Key Personnel: Jerry Bittner, Pres./COO Dick Hodge, VP/Large Store Ops. Rex Wilhelm, VP/Small Store Ops.

Parent Company: The North West Co.

77 Main St.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA R36 2R1

Locations: Aniak, Barrow, Bethel, Cordova, Dillingham, Dutch Harbor, Emmonak, King Cove, McGrath, Nome, Nuiqsut, St. Marys, St. Michael, St. Paul, Tagiak, Unalaska.

Type of Business: Retail Trade and Wholesale Trade.

Business Description: Largest rural retailer of merchandise and groceries in Alaska, including a wholesale division that sells groceries to over 98 rural grocery stores.

Community Involvement: Major sponsor ASAA, BBNC leadership workshop, Junior Achievement Alaska, Food Bank of Alaska, American Cancer Society.

Year Founded: 1867

Estab. in Alaska: 1976

No. of Locations: 26

2000 Sales: $108,000,000

1999 Sales: $100,000,000

F.T. Employees: 582

P.T. Employees: 367

Total Employees: 949

Alaska Computer Brokers

551 W. Dimond Blvd.

Anchorage, AK 99515

Phone: 267-4200

Fax: 267-4246

E-Mail: sales@akcb.com

WWW Address: akcb.com

Key Personnel: Russell Ball, Owner Tara Nail, Office Mgr. Shawn Purviance, Technology Mgr.

Locations: Anchorage.

Type of Business: Retail Trade.

Business Description: Computer-related hardware, software and accessories. Professional-certified technical services. Computer repairs and upgrades. Warranty service, network engineering and preventative maintenance programs.

Community Involvement: Sponsor of Dee Dee Jonrowe (ditarod), Alaska Hi-Tech Business Counsel, supports various local computer organizations. School/business partnership with Anchorage School District.

Year Founded: 1986.

Estab. in Alaska: 1986

No. of Locations: 1

2000 Sales: $12,000,000

1999 Sales: $13,700,000

F.T. Employees: 30

P.T. Employees: 15

Total Employees: 45

Alaska Industrial Hardware Inc.

2192 Viking Dr.

Anchorage, AK 99501

Phone: 276-7201

Fax: 258-3054

E-Mail: aih@aihalaska.com

WWW Address: aihalaska.com

Key Personnel: Josef Boehm, Pres. Jeff Bartenstein, Sec./Tres, Mike Kangas, Purchasing Dir.

Locations: Anchorage; Fairbanks; Wasilla; Eagle River; Kenai; Portland, OR; Redmond, WA.

Type of Business: Wholesale Trade.

Business Description: Tools, hardware, construction supplies, small equipment, safety equipment, ladders, industrial supplies, fasteners.

Community Involvement: United Way.

Year Founded: 1959

Estab. in Alaska: 1959

No. of Locations: 10

2000 Sales: $48,888,000

1999 Sales: $40,639,043

F.T. Employees: 175

P.T. Employees: 25

Total Employees: 200

Alaska Regional Hospital

2801 Debarr Rd.

Anchorage, AK 99508

Phone: 276-1131

Fax: 264-1143

WWW Address: alaskaregional.com

Key Personnel: Edward Lamb, Pres./CEO Rand Kerr, COO Dan Houghton, CFO

Parent Company: HCA - The Healthcare Co. One Park Plaza Nashville, TN 37203

Locations: Anchorage.

Type of Business: Hospital.

Business Description: 24-hour ER department, Lifeflight Air Ambulance, cancer treatment center, cardiovascular services, critical care units, diagnostic imaging, pain center, women's and children's services, health...

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