20 years of history.

Author:Gutierrez, Santiago
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A good magazine always strive to portray current issues accurately. Its pages should reflect the points of view and events of the region that matter most to its readers. These are all strong reasons why a good magazine should keep up with the times.

We believe that Latin Trade, over the last 20 years, has become an effective narrator of the region's business stories.

It began as US-Latin Trade, a magazine that focused on new business opportunities that were opening up for the United States in the rest of the continent.

Back then, the magazine was written mainly for US-based multinational companies, covering every detail as they took their new products, technology and practices south.

US-Latin Trade gradually turned into Latin Trade, and became the main point of contact and information for business, social and political leaders in Latin America. It took note of the awakening of South American-based international companies, now known as the multilatins. And of course the rise of Chile and Mexico, as well as Brazil, Peru, Panama and Colombia later.

Along the way it has told stories of success and explained those of failure, all of which have had a profound impact on the ever-changing region.

Today, Latin Trade is a magazine for executives working in companies that have grown far beyond the horizons of their countries of origin; multinationals and multilatins that operate in the region as part of a global strategy. They share the same concerns, whether they are about human resources, infrastructure, economic stability or social issues throughout the region. They also see the same opportunities arising as the world's economic powers shift and the middle classes in many of the region's countries develop and grow.

Latin Trade Group is a business dedicated to providing information, networking and...

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