1998 Latin Jazz Caravan.

Author:Mangual, Rudy

Our starting point was the club Lucky 7 in Hollywood where we (Luis Tamargo & Rudy Mangual) encountered several staff members of KLON radio dresses a la Carmen Miranda (head gear, fruits, and glittering sandals) as we entered the capacity filled room. Joey Altruda and his band were working the crowd with their blend of swing, jazz and Latin music, but of course, in Joey's unique way, At the end of the set, we proceeded to the caravan bus outside the club bound for the other participating clubs in the Hollywood area. After some quick planning, we decided to stop at Miceli's to check out Bobby Rodríguez & his Latin jazz band. The beautiful Italian restaurant nightclub was also full, as Bobby and his posse rendered their brand of Latin jazz in the downstairs room while the house band delighted those enjoying dinner upstairs. After listening to a few selections from the band and greeting friends, it was back to the bus. The next stop was El Floridita Restaurant, featuring the always popular Johnny Polanco & his Conjunto Amistad. As we approached the club, the sight of hundreds of caravan attendees waiting in line outside the restaurant convinced us to stay on the bus and continue to the next club (sorry Johnny, we were pressed for time). Jack's Sugar Shack was the following stop of the caravan and Johnny Blas & his band the scheduled performers. Our timing however, was not good, as the band was going on their break as we entered. So we turned around and got right back on the bus, which was headed to our starting point, the Lucky 7 club, Having somewhat completed the Hollywood club Roure #2, we felt the need to urge one more club before turning into pumpkins. Speaking to several...

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