From the Wool-sack

Publication year1998
27 Colo.Law. 89
Colorado Lawyer

1998, June, Pg. 89. From The Wool-Sack


Vol. 27, No. 6, Pg. 89

The Colorado Lawyer
June 1998
Vol. 27, No. 6 [Page 89]

From The Wool-Sack
From The Wool-Sack
by Christopher R Brauchli

Lest too light winning
Make the prize light.
Shakespeare, The Tempest

Boulder, friend to the prairie dog and enemy of growth, home of unsolved crimes and festivals of music, dance, theater and conferences on matters of great importance, never ceases to amaze and enlighten. At least me

My latest enlightenment came from a newsletter of whose existence I had no knowledge. It was learning that the community garbage collector, or as that occupation is described in today's parlance, its "environmental engineer" or "disposal service" publishes a quarterly newsletter

When growing up and observing the trash truck go down the street, the last thing I would have expected was that either its occupants or its proprietors would be inclined to produce and mail to its customers a newsletter on matters presumed to be of interest to producers of garbage. My expectations have not kept pace with the changing times.

Boulder's own Western Disposal Service is not content to simply collect our trash. As does everyone who lives in Boulder, it feels the need to enlighten and, feeling the need, does what every good Boulderite does and responds to that need. The result is a quarterly newsletter whose masthead describes it as "A quarterly update for our customers." In candor I have never felt the need for a quarterly update from any service provider unless, of course, the provider intended to quit providing. Since this is Boulder, however, I should have known that our providers would be a cut above.

The newsletter in question is informative. It does not restrict its substance to posting the current holiday schedule, although that does appear with the suggestion that it be clipped and saved. The newsletter describes the easy and convenient ways of disposing of hazardous waste and describes how many households were served by the hazardous waste program. It informs that 4,000 gallons of hazardous waste received by it were recycled or reused. It includes information about the town's annual cleanup, describes how many million pounds of recyclables were collected in 1997, where recyclables can be deposited, and, in the most recent edition...

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