We're Headed Your Way

Publication year1998
27 Colo.Law. 87
Colorado Lawyer

1998, June, Pg. 87. We're Headed Your Way


Vol. 27, No. 6, Pg. 87

The Colorado Lawyer
June 1998
Vol. 27, No. 6 [Page 87]

Report from the Communications Department
We're Headed Your Way
by Diane Hartman

The Colorado Press Association-a membership organization that represents newspapers in Colorado-invited the Colorado Bar Association ("CBA") to join them this year as they meet with their members

We're always interested in getting lawyers and judges together with journalists, and we were happy to oblige

The Press Association had mapped out a series of meetings for the year-they would be spending a day a month in each of the following cities: Denver, Sterling, Pueblo, Grand Junction Steamboat Springs (July 17), Burlington (August 21) and Durango (September 11 at Fort Lewis College). They asked us to take half the day for programs that would be educational and create a dialogue between the legal community and journalists.

We kicked off the program in Denver on March 20 at the Denver Press Club with three panels. Assistant District Attorney Chuck Lepley and Denver Police Chief David Michaud took up the first hour talking about procedures and processes of the criminal justice system. At 10:00 a.m., Reba Nance, CBA Director of Law Practice Management, put on a live demonstration of how to do legal research on the Internet. At 11:00 a.m., Colorado Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Kourlis, Denver District Judge John McMullen, and Denver County Court Judge Andrew Armatas formed a panel to field questions about such things as sentencing and gag orders. They stayed for lunch and were joined by representatives of the law enforcement community, who would be talking that afternoon. Representatives from many area newspapers were there.

One offshoot of the March 20 program is that we'll be doing presentations for both the Rocky Mountain News and The Denver Post on legal research on the Internet.

The second program was in Sterling on April 17. We had the same format, with Police Chief Larry Graham, District Attorney Mark Adams, Chief Judge James Leh, Judge Catherine Heckel, and Judge Joseph Weatherby. The program was held at the Northeastern Junior...

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