Pro Bono: One Success Story for Lawyers

Publication year1998
27 Colo.Law. 81
Colorado Lawyer

1998, June, Pg. 81. Pro Bono: One Success Story for Lawyers


Vol. 27, No. 6, Pg. 81

The Colorado Lawyer
June 1998
Vol. 27, No. 6 [Page 81]


Pro Bono: One Success Story for Lawyers
by Jane Gill Kellenberger

Editor's Note: Occasionally, The Colorado Lawyer highlights special lawyers who serve the legal community This month's article was written by Jane Gill Kellenberger, a former Director of Pro Bono Services for the Colorado Bar Association

In 1995, two young lawyers met at the Boulder County Legal Services ("BCLS") office. David Frankel was an intern and David Thrower, a volunteer. These "baby lawyers" saw service at BCLS as a good place to start gaining useful experience in a variety of areas of the law working with a wide spectrum of interesting clients. One of their pro bono clients asked in a very puzzled voice after a permanent restraining order hearing, "So, if you do not get paid, why do you do this?" Later she wrote a letter of thanks and praise to the Boulder Daily Camera.

Thrower and Frankel joked about opening an office together, since jobs for young lawyers were scarce. Gradually, they built the confidence to do that, and in late 1995 they established the firm of Frankel and Thrower. It has not been an easy road, but they do contract and reduced-fee referral cases for BCLS, as well as a large number of pro bono cases. They credit Melody Fuller, the Supervising Attorney at BCLS, with training them on how to analyze a case and seek a practical resolution for the client. Members of the Boulder County Bar Association also have offered valuable assistance to them. Sue Parenteau, the Pro Bono Coordinator at BCLS, says their participation has really been a success story both for the program and its clients.

Frankel and Thrower also have handled conflict cases for the Denver Public Defender's office. They work together on all of their cases and feel they are an excellent complement to each other, since Thrower says he is a Type A...

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