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27 Colo.Law. 73
Colorado Lawyer

1998, June, Pg. 73. The Colorado Bar Foundation


Vol. 27, No. 6, Pg. 73

The Colorado Lawyer
June 1998
Vol. 27, No. 6 [Page 73]


The Colorado Bar Foundation

The Colorado Bar Foundation, established in 1953 by members of the Colorado Bar Association ("CBA"), functions exclusively for educational and charitable purposes and is an organization qualifying under § 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code

The Foundation promotes the advancement of jurisprudence and the administration of justice in Colorado through grants to help educate the general public and provide assistance to legal institutions and legal services in Colorado

All CBA members are also members of the Foundation. The Foundation is governed by a nine-member Board of Trustees elected by the Board of Governors of the CBA. The initial board in 1953 was composed of Thomas M. Burgess, Colorado Springs; James K. Groves, Grand Junction; Milton J. Keegan Denver; William R. Kelly, Greeley; and William Hedges Robinson, Denver.

The current members of the Board of Trustees are: Dennis Maes, Chair, Pueblo; H. Barton Mendenhall, Vice-Chairman, Rocky Ford; James R. Wade, Treasurer; John W. Dunn, Bar Fellows President; Wesley C. Kettlekamp, Jr., Pueblo; Charles H. Myers, Conifer; Ann T. Raisch, Boulder; Robert A. Schuetze, Boulder; Carol M. Welch, Denver; and ex officio members Charles C. Turner, CBA Executive Director, and Dana J. Vocate, staff director, Colorado Bar Foundation.

Financial support for the Foundation comes from several sources. Voluntary contributions are solicited from CBA members along with the annual dues. These voluntary contributions constitute approximately 10 percent annual income into the corpus of the Foundation. Memorial contributions for deceased lawyers, friends and family are welcome. Bequests are made to the Foundation in wills and as special gifts. The primary source of endowment funding, however, is derived from the Colorado Bar Fellows.

The Colorado Bar Fellows came into existence in 1977 through the efforts of Maurice Reuler. With a program patterned after the American Bar Fellows, new members are selected each year and honored at the annual dinner. Bar Fellows are members in good standing in the CBA who have been recommended by their colleagues. These lawyers have been selected because of their outstanding contributions to their communities.

New members pledge $1,500 toward the Bar Foundation's endowment, to be paid in ten equal annual installments. All contributions are tax deductible. On completion of the ten-year commitment, a member becomes a Fellow Emeritus. Although these members are exempt from making a mandatory annual contribution, most continue to contribute to the activities of the Foundation.

The Foundation has supported a variety of worthwhile projects, institutions and endeavors. However, given the limited funding available for grants and the growing availability of other funding sources for the direct delivery of legal services, the Foundation has chosen to reemphasize the education and research aspects of its charter.

Ultimately, the Foundation maintains flexibility to support activities within the stated purposes of its charter. Thus, all applicants falling within the broad definitions of the charter are free to apply.

The following organizations are the most recent recipients of the Foundation funds: CASA of Mesa County, Colorado Civil/Legal Education Project, Colorado Close-Up, Colorado Judicial Institute, Colorado Mock Trial Competition, Colorado Lawyers Committee, Colorado Lawyers for the Arts, Colorado Springs Teen Court, Colorado CASA, Justice Information Center, Legal Center for People with Disabilities and Older People, Project Safeguard, The Adoption Exchange, The Rocky Mountain Children's Law...

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