Some Well-deserved Thanks and a Few Random Thoughts

Publication year1998
27 Colo.Law. 67
Colorado Lawyer

1998, June, Pg. 67. Some Well-Deserved Thanks and a Few Random Thoughts


Vol. 27, No. 6, Pg. 67

The Colorado Lawyer
June 1998
Vol. 27, No. 6 [Page 67]

CBA President's Message to Members
Some Well-Deserved Thanks and a Few Random Thoughts
by Rebecca Koppes Conway

Rebecca A. Koppes Conway and daughters Kathrine and Kelley

To state the obvious - loved ones make a great deal of difference in how one's term as Bar Association president (and life) proceeds. This must be a thank you to my daughters Kelley, 16, Kathrine, 12;1 and to my husband, Sean Conway. So to them, my appreciation

Sean felt he was returning a courtesy extended by me toward him during times his work required my appearance. Monday through Friday, he works in Washington, D.C. as the press secretary for Sen. Wayne Allard.2 He would literally get off a plane and join me at events. I did not expect him to do so but I never heard one complaint. I can't thank him enough. It truly helped make this experience even more enjoyable.

Of course, the true answer to questions voiced as to my practice is an absolutely marvelous staff. I just hope I can be as gracious when called upon to do most of the work and get none of the credit. My thanks most of all to Brenda Roth and the others: Pat Veltri, Cheryl Gallegos, Katie Veltri, Bill Garcia and Richard Martinez. Thanks to them (and modern technology), I still made a living this past year.

Thanks to a bar association staff that keeps presidents and assorted other volunteers "between the lines." Those of us who have been presidents know that we can be a challenge.

More important, Chuck Turner, Greg Martin, Diane Hartman, Mike Valdez, and Dana Vocate always have my gratitude for making me look good or, at least, a little less silly.

The whole staff makes our bar association look good. I sat in many meetings with members of other bar associations and said to myself as suggestions for activities came up-"We've done that. We are doing that. We are way ahead of the curve." Hats off to a great group of people who serve on our staff.

And I would be remiss here if I did not make a point to mention all of the accommodations granted by opposing counsel when my scheduling conflicts created havoc with their needs.

Of course, I am sure that Tom deMarino, the DBA president and sometimes opposing...

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