Disciplinary Case Summaries

JurisdictionColorado,United States
CitationVol. 20 No. 2 Pg. 267
Publication year1991
20 Colo.Law. 267
Colorado Lawyer

1991, February, Pg. 267. Disciplinary Case Summaries


Vol. 20, No. 2, Pg. 267

Disciplinary Case Summaries

(November 1990)

Month Year

Request for investigation forms distributed3634310

Requests for investigation filed851128

Docketed for investigation on receipt16235

Not docketed for investigation on receipt14139

Preliminary inquiries made as of 11/3055771

Cases placed in abeyance06

Docketed as of 10131 after preliminary


Not docketed as of 10/31 after preliminary


Preliminary inquires in progress as of 10/3131

Letters of admonition sent758

Cases in which reasonable cause was found4136

Cases pending before the inquiry panels on 11/30307

Public disciplinary and disability decisions are listed below. Those issued by opinion appear in their entirety in the Colorado Supreme Court "Opinions" section of The Colorado Lawyer. Public disciplinary decisions involving issues that are not routine are summarized below, together with all private censures and selected admonishments. Occasionally, articles will appear in this space in lieu of summaries or with fewer of them.

Public Decisions

Rick J. Brown: The Supreme Court suspended the respondent on November 8, 1990, effective thirty days thereafter. The suspension is to remain in effect until further order of the court.

Kenneth Lynn Broadhurst: On November 13, 1990, the court disbarred the respondent who had been suspended earlier, assessed costs of $107.73 against him and ordered him to pay restitution to the estate of one of his clients.

William F. Robinson: The court publicly censured the respondent on November 13,1990, and assessed costs of $87.10 against him. Among other rules, the respondent violated DR3-10KA) by permitting an employee of his firm who was licensed to practice law in Florida, but not in Colorado, to practice law in this state.

Richard Ochoa Trevino, Jr.: On November 13, 1990, the court suspended the respondent for one year and one day in Colorado, effective immediately, and assessed costs of $184.14 against him. The court's action, reciprocal in nature, was based largely on the respondent's suspension in Texas for one year. Ordinarily, in reciprocal disciplinary cases, the court would impose the same discipline imposed elsewhere. Given the respondent's failure to report to disciplinary...

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