Disciplinary Case Summaries

Publication year1987
CitationVol. 16 No. 10 Pg. 1865
16 Colo.Law. 1865
Colorado Lawyer

1987, October, Pg. 1865. Disciplinary Case Summaries


Vol. 16, No. 10, Pg. 1865

Disciplinary Case Summaries

From the Colorado Supreme Court Grievance Committee
Column Ed.: James P. Hollaway, Committee Counsel Denver---893-3393

NOTICE: The Supreme Court Grievance Committee asks lawyers who have been admitted to practice for at least five years to write to Committee Counsel if they are willing to serve as members of hearing boards. Lawyers who are appointed will hear cases in Denver as enlistees pursuant to C.R.C.P. Rule 241.2(b)(1). Reasonable expenses incurred are reimbursed by the Committee.

(July 1987)


Request for investigation forms distributed2851,696

Requests for investigation filed89626

Cases not docketed for investigation24167

Preliminary inquiries made24195

Cases docketed for investigation41254

Cases placed in abeyance010

Letters of admonition sent1153

Cases sent to the Disciplinary Prosecutor19101

Cases before the Inquiry Panels on 7/31279

Public Discipline

Susan Shumway Horn: The Supreme Court publicly censured the respondent on July 13, 1987, for issuing two insufficient fund checks and failing to cooperate with the Grievance Committee. The court also assessed $310.50 in costs against her.

The respondent issued two checks in the amount of $52.24 and $65, respectively. Both checks bore the title "Susan Shumway Horn, Attorney at Law." These checks were returned due to insufficient funds after twice being presented to the bank for payment.

After the checks were referred for collection, the respondent failed to respond to the lawyer representing the plaintiff. Thereafter, when a complaint was filed, the respondent failed to answer. After a default judgment was entered, the respondent failed to respond to interrogatories. Thereafter, the respondent again failed to respond to the lawyer representing the plaintiff. The respondent listed the judgment in a Chapter 13 repayment petition, but the Chapter 13 petition itself was later dismissed. Subsequently, the respondent failed to respond to the request for investigation filed with the Grievance Committee and the disciplinary complaint, and she failed to appear for the disciplinary hearing.

The court concluded that the respondent violated DR1-102(A)(4) by engaging in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation, and C.R.C.P. Rule 241.6(7) by failing to respond to the Grievance Committee. Noting that respondent had received two prior letters of admonition, was under suspension for failure to comply with mandatory...

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