Coltaf Update: Grant Awards, Court Decision and Participant List

JurisdictionColorado,United States
CitationVol. 16 No. 10 Pg. 1805
Publication year1987
16 Colo.Law. 1805
Colorado Lawyer

1987, October, Pg. 1805. COLTAF Update: Grant Awards, Court Decision and Participant List


Vol. 16, No. 10, Pg. 1805

COLTAF Update: Grant Awards, Court Decision and Participant List

1987 Grants Awarded

COLTAF's 1987 grant awards total $425,000, a 42 percent increase over 1986. The Board of Directors continued its policy of distributing 80 percent of its grant funds to Colorado's five staffed civil legal aid programs. The funds are awarded on a formula based on the number of poor people in each program's service area. This year's grants were as follows:

Colorado Rural Legal Services105,400

Legal Aid Society of Metropolitan Denver159,800

Northwest Colorado Legal Services Project10,200

Pikes Peak Legal Services44,200

Pueblo County Legal Services20,400


COLTAF distributed $40,000 to local bar association pro bono programs to continue their efforts to provide legal assistance to the disadvantaged:

Boulder County Bar Association1,000

Continental Divide Bar Association2,000

Denver Bar Association8,000

Ninth Judicial District Bar Association6,500

Larimer County Bar Association4,000

Mesa County Bar Association7,100

Morgan County Bar Association900

Northwest Bar Association2,000

San Luis Valley Bar Association1,000

Seventh Judicial District Bar Association2,000

Southwest Colorado Bar Association3,000

Weld County Bar Association2,500

Sixteen organizations that run programs to improve the delivery of legal services, promote knowledge and awareness of the law in the community, or improve the administration of justice received grants totaling $45,000:

Boulder County Bar Association400

Child Abuse Prevention Volunteers1,500

Citizens Law, Inc.1,000

Colorado Coalition of Legal Services Programs2,500

Colorado Judicial Institute5,000

Colorado Lawyers Committee3,000

Colorado University Law School1,500

DBA Public Interest Law Committee4,000

Denver D.A.'s Crime Advisory Committee1,000

Denver University Law School1,500

El Paso County Bar Association2,000

Justice Information Center5,000

The Legal Center Serving Persons with Disabilities6,000

Project Safeguard2,000

San Luis Valley Christian Community Services4,600

Tu Casa4,000

Florida Trust Account Program Ruled Constitutional

In a major victory for COLTAF and similar programs throughout the country, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals recently upheld the constitutionality of Florida's interest on lawyer trust account program ("IOLTA"). The case generated considerable interest after an article about it appeared in the July 1987 ABA Journal.

The plaintiff had $13.75 on deposit in the general client trust account of the large law firm that had handled her husband's estate. The interest on those funds---approximately $2.25---was paid, along with the other interest generated on the account, to the Florida IOLTA program. The plaintiff alleged that the $2.25 was hers, and the taking of those funds violated her constitutional rights.

In affirming the ruling of the District Court, the Court of Appeals held that in order to demonstrate a constitutionally cognizable property interest, the client must demonstrate that she had specific and legitimate claims of entitlement to the $2.25 generated on the $13.75 held for her in attorney's IOLTA, and that the economic and practical impediments to individual investment of nominal or short-term client funds negates any reasonable expectation that a client should receive interest generated by the account.

Earlier decisions in two other cases, in California and Iowa, also upheld state IOLTA programs. For more information or a copy of the opinion, call the Colorado Lawyer Trust Account Foundation, at 863-7221 or 1-800-332-6736.



Martin Gonzales

Edwin Lobato

Manuel Lopez

Lucero, Kadinger & Lester

Motz & Gonzales


Bibik & Sylvester

Charles Flett

James R. Flett

Althea Gerrard

James L.Gilbert & Assoc

Thad M. Oviatt

Sonheim, Helm & Less


Maxwell Aley

Joseph Edwards

Robert A. Francis

Holland & Hart

Erin F.Hazen

Martin Kahn

LaSalle & Schiffer

J. Nicholas McGrath

Oates, Hughes & Knezevich

Brooke Peterson


Aurora Bar Association

Lewis Dymond

Larry Jacobs

Paul Kram

Morrisard & Rossi

Rider & Woulf


Dirk W. Nelson


Balis & Barrett

Brauchli, Snyder, Jevons & Johnson

Joan Brett

Fred C. Brigman, Jr

Brotzman & Bucholz

Buchanan, Gray, Purvis & Schuetze

Paul Bursiek

Caplan & Earnest

Chrisman, Bynum & Johnson

George E. Clough

Christine A. Coates

Cohen & Cohen

Robert W. Cook

Stephen H. Cook

Roger Davidson

Dietz, Davis & Porter

Dominick & Halperin

Doty, Johnson, Bierbaum & Shapiro


Edwards & Glassman

Edwards, Terrill & Mygatt

Rodney Felzein

Harold Fielden

Berkley Freeman

Greene & Meyer

William Gullette

William A. Hagood

Hutchinson, Black, Hill & Cook

Richard Irvin

George Johnson

Stanley Johnson

James J. Keane

Lynne Kester-Meyer

Jon Kottke

Felix Licini

Lirtzman & Nehls

Carl Manthei

E. Gregory Martin

Martin & Mehaffy

Julianne McCabe

J. Scott McComas

Miller, Hale & Harrison

Nauman, Roper, Mains & Cobb

John G. Neville

Jean D. Pfleider

Pottick & Associates

Joseph R. Rader

Renzo Law Offices

Peter Rogers

Satlow & Friedman

Bruce Schaffer

Richard Scheidenhelm

Peter Schild

Stephanie Selden

Gerald Sloat

M. Arden Smith

Stone, Sheehy & Rosen

Blake Sutton

I. Melvin Tatsumi

Taussig & Taussig

Thompson & Moreland

Thorburn, Sakol & Thorne

Bruce Warren

W. Douglas Watson

Williams, Trine, Greenstein & Griffith

Donald W. Wilson

Wollrab & Associates


J. Albert Bauer

Callan & Assoc

Frederic B. Rodgers


Anderson & Chapin

Morgan County Bar Association

Thirteenth Judicial District Bar Association

Buena Vista

William Patrick Schmitt

Eleventh Judicial District

Canon City

J. H. Hawthorne

Hawthorne & Meconi


Robert Emerson

Castle Rock

Folkestad, Kokish & Fazekas

Colorado Springs

Deborah Adams

Lawrence E. Addy

Agee & Ewing

Julian H. Allen

Anderson, Gerig, Gross & Lederer

Tom W. Armour

Allen F. Asher

Peter Ashley

Theron S. Bailey


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