Colorado Legal Resources: an Annotated Bibliography

Publication year1987
CitationVol. 16 No. 10 Pg. 1795
16 Colo.Law. 1795
Colorado Lawyer

1987, October, Pg. 1795. Colorado Legal Resources: An Annotated Bibliography


Vol. 16, No. 10, Pg. 1795

Colorado Legal Resources: An Annotated Bibliography

Compiled by Gary Alexander, David Burrows, Barbara Rainwater and Sue Weinstein

Copyright© AALL 1987

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This article was prepared by Gary Alexander, David Burrows, Barbara Rainwater and Sue Weinstein, public services librarians at the University of Denver Westminster Law Library. This article was also published in the Annual State Documents Bibliography series of the Government Documents SIS of the American Association of Law Libraries.

The purpose of this bibliography is to offer a guide to Colorado legal resources. This bibliography in large part is based on two earlier articles published in The Colorado Lawyer: in the December 1978 issue at 2085, and in the August 1981 issue at 1817. Although there have been minor changes in some areas, there have been enough significant overall changes to warrant a complete update, rather than a revision of the earlier articles.

The bibliography is intended to inform the reader of resources that are available for doing research in Colorado law, whether these resources are available for purchase and, if so, how much they will cost. Annotations are provided for the majority of entries; brief descriptions are given for all entries.

The bibliography is divided into three major categories: (I) Legislative, (II) Judicial, and (III) Administrative and Executive. Following these, there are a number of lesser categories. The bibliography attempts to be as comprehensive as possible for resources in the major categories, although bibliographies can never be fully exhaustive and choices had to be made.

Readers interested in an overview of the Colorado legal system should consult the following two publications: Lorch, R., Colorado's Government (Boulder: Colorado Associated Univ. Press, 1983); and You and Your Colorado Courts (Denver: Colorado Supreme Court, 1980).


I. Legislative Publications1796

II. Judicial Publications1798

III. Administrative and Executive Publications1801

IV. Law School Journals (a selected list)1802

V. Statistics1802

VI. Continuing Legal Education; Bar Associations1802

VII. Surveys1803

VIII. Directories1803

IX. Practice Materials1803



The Colorado General Assembly meets every year, convening the first Wednesday after the first Tuesday in January. In 1982 the statutory provision for a "short" session was repealed; however, effective with the 1984 session, sessions in even years cannot exceed 140 calendar days.

A. Bills

1. Current Session---Copies of bills introduced in the House and Senate are available from the "Bill Room" during each session. "Bill Room Box"---$370/1987 session---pick up at the Capitol; $490---copies of the bills mailed twice a week. This service includes not only copies of all bills introduced, but also House and Senate Journal pages (see I.F.1.), House and Senate calendars (see I.F.2.), daily bill status sheets, and irregularly issued subject indexes. There is no charge to college and public libraries within Colorado for this material.

For status information on bills during the session, contact:

Colorado General Assembly

Legislative Information

State Capitol Building---Room 0102

(Bill Room)

Denver, CO 80203

(303) 866-3055

Law libraries in other states will be furnished with one copy of a single bill at no charge upon request. Address requests to:

Information Center

State Capitol Building---Room 0101

Denver, CO 80203

2. Past Sessions---Copies of bills introduced in prior sessions are maintained at:

State Archives

1313 Sherman Street

Denver, CO 80203


Legislative Drafting Office

State Capitol Building---Room 091

Denver, CO 80203

3. Bills Drafted by Legislative Drafting Office---Since 1965 all requests to draft a bill similar to one enacted in another state have been kept together in Legislative Member Files by name of legislator introducing bill.

4. Legislative Drafting Manual---The 1977 edition is no longer available, but an update is planned. Contact:

Legislative Drafting Office

State Capitol Building---Room 091

Denver, CO 80203

(303) 866-2045

5. Digest of Bills---Following each session the Legislative Drafting Office prepares a "Digest of Bills," which consists of a short synopsis of every bill enacted during that session. Available from:

Legislative Drafting Office

State Capitol Building---Room 091

Denver, CO 80203

B. Slip Laws

1. New Statutes Service---Commercial looseleaf slip law service. Single three-ring binder containing copies of all bills enacted during a session. Forty-three dividers corresponding to Colorado Revised Statutes titles. Cumulative indexing throughout session. Two indexes: Citation index and Numerical/Subject index. Acts mailed approximately every two weeks. 1987 subscription: $325. Publisher:

Colorado Session Reports

70 West 6th Avenue, Suite 112

Denver, CO 80204

(303) 825-1011

2. Session Law Service---Commercial looseleaf slip law service. Similar to above service. Updates mailed at least once a month. 1987 subscription: $245. Publisher:

Colorado Legal Publishing Company

1360 South Clarkson Street, Suite 300

Denver, CO 80210

(303) 778-6811

3. Colorado General Assembly Short Title and Summary Bill Reporting Service---On a weekly basis subscribers are provided with the short title and summary of every bill introduced in the General Assembly. 1987 subscription: $130. Publisher:

Colorado Legal Publishing Company

1360 South Clarkson Street, Suite 300

Denver, CO 80210

(303) 778-6811

C. Session Laws

1. Colorado Session Laws---Published annually in bound volumes, the session laws are a compilation of all of the laws passed during a legislative session, all initiated and referred laws passed by a vote of the people, and such resolutions and memorials as selected for publication by the House of Representatives and Senate. The session laws are generally arranged so that appropriation bills appear first and are followed by bills relating to acquisition or leasing of state lands, bills relating to rules and regulations of executive agencies, and bills enacting, amending or repealing provisions of CRS, which are placed according to primary subject matter in sequence from Title 1 to Title 43 of CRS. Bills are followed by any concurrent resolutions amending the Colorado Constitution, and by selected House and Senate resolutions and memorials. Includes comparative tables showing all changes, amendments, etc., House and Senate bill number tables, and subject index. Beginning 1976, available from:

Bradford Publishing Company

P.O. Box 448

Denver, CO 80201

(303) 233-6900

Prices vary and are set by the Committee on Legal Services of the Colorado legislature. Session Laws for 1955-1975 are selectively available. Contact:

Office of Revisor of Statutes

State Capitol Building---Room 079

Denver, CO 80203

(303) 866-2043

2. Colorado Session Laws (microfiche edition)---1859-1986, $1050. Current year, $50.


Available from

Wm. S. Hein & Co.

1285 Main Street

Buffalo, NY 14209

(800) 828-7571

3. "Red Book"---Pamphlet published after the completion of a session and after the Governor has acted on all legislation. Consists of two tables. The "Pre-supplement Tabulation" lists in numerical order each CRS section enacted, amended or repealed during the session, the bill number of the bill in which the section was contained, and the chapter and section numbers indicating where the bill will be located in the session laws. The "Disposition Table" lists in numerical order the senate and house bills enacted during the session, the CRS sections contained in each bill, and the chapter indicating where the bill will be located in the session laws. Publisher:

Bradford Publishing Company

P.O. Box 448

Denver, CO 80201

(303) 233-6900

D. Statutes

1. Colorado Revised Statutes---The current compilation of statutory laws and nonstatutory materials was enacted as a repeal and reenactment of Colorado Revised Statutes 1963 and the supplements thereto. Originally entitled Colorado Revised Statutes 1973. In response to numerous inquiries relating to the assumption that a 1983 compilation would be published, House Bill No. 1291 changing the name of the statutes was enacted in 1983. There are no plans for a recodification of the statutes under the title Colorado Revised Statutes 1983. Arranged by title, article and section.

Annotations through the 1984 supplement were prepared by the Michie Company. The State of Colorado is now preparing the annotations. Set: $425. 18 vols. in 24. Annual upkeep costs have varied and do not include replacement volumes. 1986 Pocket Parts latest published. Cost: $60. Vol. 1A contains the United States and Colorado Constitutions; vols. 7A and 7B, Court Rules (see II.B.1.); and vol. 18, the Index. Publisher:

Bradford Publishing Company

P.O. Box 448

Denver, CO 80201

(303) 233-6900

Prices of individual volumes available on request from the publisher.

2. Historical Statutory Summary---(compiled by Oscar Miller, Law Librarian, University of Colorado Law Library). The Organic Act creating the Territory of Colorado was approved February 28, 1861, and the area continued in territorial status until August 1, 1876, when statehood was approved.

Proceedings of the Constitutional Convention: 1875-1876 (Denver: Smith-Brooks Press, 1907). All records of the Constitutional Convention of Colorado held in 1876 and all records of the meetings and proceedings therof and all records and...

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