1977, June, Pg. 963. CBA Reports.


6 Colo.Law. 963

Colorado Lawyer


1977, June, Pg. 963.

CBA Reports

963Vol. 6, No. 6, Pg. 963CBA ReportsActions of the CBA Board of Governors

Meeting of April 23, 1977, in Boulder

  1. Directed that the president send a Pueblo County Bar Association resolution on appointment of private counsel for indigent criminally accused, and the criminal appointments committee's comment thereon, to the Supreme Court noting the CBA's great concern, and requesting meanwhile that each board representative take back the resolution to his or her local association so that it may take a position thereon to be reported back at the August 26-27 meeting for board action.

  2. Approved a 1977-78 budget of $370,940 which, among the larger items outside the regular committee budgets, includes funds for continuing the statewide lawyer referral service, prepaid legal services, and mental health projects, as well as establishment of two new projects---one to establish a nonprofit corporation to be known as COBAR, Inc. to handle practical application of computer techniques for legal research, and one to have a think-tank conference on the future of the law and the legal profession in Colorado. The largest single allocation, outside of maintaining the bar office itself, continues to go to The Colorado Lawyer with a net estimated expenditure of close to $90,000.

  3. Made special allocation of $5,000 to the long-range planning committee for start-up costs for the 1977 think-tank conference.

  4. Rejected the recommendation of the joint management committee to acquire the 1177 Grant St. building as a separate bar center and headquarters, but asked the committee to continue its investigations for the lease, purchase or construction of a suitable site.

  5. Tabled indefinitely the proposed plan for certification of trial lawyers.

  6. Adopted revised real estate title standards No. 99, 100 and 104 and new title standards 108, 109 and 111 (to be printed in The Colorado Lawyer), referring back to committee for further work in conjunction with the probate section proposed standards No. 110 and 112.

  7. Approved republication of the forms manual at this time with the following foreword:

    These forms have been prepared by the forms standardization committee of the Colorado Bar Association as a guide for the attorney.


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