1976, July, Pg. 934. CLE Programming: Survey Results.

Author:by Chris Otorowski

5 Colo.Law. 934

Colorado Lawyer


1976, July, Pg. 934.

CLE Programming: Survey Results

934Vol. 5, No. 7, Pg. 934CLE Programming: Survey Resultsby Chris OtorowskiChris Otorowski is presently Assistant to the Dean of the University of Denver, College of Law. His report, prepared during his tenure on the staff of Continuing Legal Education in Colorado, Inc., was presented to the CBA Board of Governors at its April 28, 1976 meeting. 935The practice of law is a dynamic profession that is constantly changing, both internally and externally. From within, the legislative, judicial and administrative concerns of our country have expanded greatly in both volume and complexity. The attorney of today must be prepared to deal professionally with the multi-faceted problems arising from these activities. However, he must not neglect those problems which face him from the opposite side of the professional fence. In recent years many incidents have reflected unfavorably upon the legal profession, and the public image of the attorney and his profession has suffered.

Continuing legal education has, in great measure, helped the attorney of today to recognize and deal with these internal and external areas of concern. During the past few years, many successful programs addressing a wide variety of topics have been provided, all designed to afford the Colorado practitioner a convenient method of keeping abreast of the current changes in law and procedure.

The purpose of this report is to bring the Colorado bar up-to-date on the programming activities of Continuing Legal Education in Colorado, Inc., and its institutional colleague, the Program of Advanced Professional Development of the University of Denver College of Law.

These two organizations have presented many programs covering a wide variety of subjects. Planning and scheduling of recent programs have been based on a 1973 survey and a continuing subjective input from various sources. However, the changing needs of the ever-increasing number of Colorado practitioners will require new quantitative techniques to determine the continuing education desires of the Colorado practitioner, and it was therefore deemed appropriate to survey the Bar again to ascertain its opinions concerning CLE programming and mandatory CLE.

Cost and time limitations precluded a census. A statistically reliable sample of 1,000 was chosen and the questionnaires were mailed to every fifth attorney listed on the CBA mailing list.


Rate of ResponseOf the 1,000 questionnaires distributed, 340 were returned. Thirty-seven of these arrived too late to be included in

936the computations. The data base represents 30.3 percent of the total sample. One concern was the reliability of the data base. Statistical projections indicated that a response of 35 to 40 percent was required for true reliability. Many names and addresses on the mailing list, however, were (1) out of state, (2) incorrect, or (3) non-practicing members of the Bar. Allowing for this factor (which was found to be + 22 percent one year ago), the response rate falls within the range of reliability (approximately 38 percent).FINDINGS

ProfileOf all attorneys responding, 64.8 percent are under 40 years of age, and over 30 percent of those between the ages of 30 and 34. Solo practitioners constituted 28.2 percent of the response, and attorneys working in firms employing 2 to 6 attorneys constituted 37.2 percent. These results compare very closely with those of the Interim Economic Survey conducted last year (see 4 The Colorado Lawyer 1929, October 1975).

Future Services DesiredThe most commonly requested future service was a periodic review of new legislation. The Annual Survey of Colorado Law published by CLE every spring, may not be sufficient to satisfy the attorney's needs. Video tape rental was requested by 24.1 percent of the respondents. This service is currently offered but a lack of awareness exists concerning its availability. To correct this problem, a publications brochure describing books and available services is currently being printed.

Some significant difference in services desired existed with respect to the age of the...

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