1969: A Brief & Beautiful Trip Back.

1969: A Brief & Beautiful Trip Back

Sea Gudinski


Privatley Published

9780578487793 $29.95 pbk / $7.99 Kindle amazon.com

Synopsis: Take a trip down the rabbit hole without ever leaving the comfort of your living room ... This is a novel in which history meets science fiction and psychedelics meet spirituality through a seamless blend of fact and fantasy. 1969: A Brief and Beautiful Trip Back is one girl's account of her fantastic and unique experience of the hippie counterculture and how it changed her and those around her for the rest of their lives. From a run-of-the-mill existence in the ultra-conservative town of Fresno, California, formerly naive teenager and rock devotee Rhiannon Karlson takes the trip of a lifetime after a drug dealer sells her a particularly potent and mysterious substance, sparking her unparalleled journey of soul-searching, consciousness-expansion...

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